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White-tailed Deer: Management across diverse landscapes

Much has happened with deer management in Maryland during the nearly 20 years since White-tailed Deer, Another Perspective first appeared in the Natural Resource magazine. At the time the article was written, deer were rapidly increasing in number and the problems associated with overpopulation were escalating.

Autumn Falls: A photo essay

Simply put, waterfalls are nothing more than rivers flowing over rocks but that doesn’t stop them from being among the most wondrous sights our natural world has to offer. You may think the only way to enjoy such areas beyond social media is to travel to faraway states, but I’m here to show you the  Read the Rest…

If These Walls Could Talk: Maryland’s Resident Curatorship Program

From the remains of Native American settlements to development undertaken by Europeans, it is difficult to find a part of Maryland that does not possess a unique story to tell. As the largest single public landowner, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources manages a huge portfolio of historically significant properties full of important archeological, architectural  Read the Rest…

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