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Earth Day 2020: Love Letters to Earth

Image of fern with verbiage promoting Earth Day 2020

This graphic was posted to our social media channels to encourage our followers to share their Earth Day appreciation.

The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 marked the birth of the modern environmental movement. In response to the movement, the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts were all created and Congress authorized the Environmental Protection Agency.

On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we continue to focus our concern on sustaining our planet now and for the future.

This year, despite challenges to celebrating the anniversary of Earth Day in person, the department worked to encourage hope and optimism about our planet, particularly Maryland. We asked our social media fans and email newsletter subscribers to tell us through words and photos what they love about nature in Maryland. They certainly did, responding with hundreds of love letters to the Earth showing appreciation for the natural beauty and resources we all enjoy. Below is a sampling of some of our favorite responses.

The wild beauty of Assateague Island; the majestic falls on the Youghiogheny River at Swallow Falls State Park … I’m so grateful for the MD park system!  -Maureen M.

Western Maryland. A beautiful morning in the mountains.  -Bill H.

I enjoy pursuing wild fish and game across the state.  -Trevor L.

Being able to go hiking is a natural therapy. If I’m having stress/anxiety, I let Mother Earth take it away.  -Nancy D. 

The sound of the surf at Assateague State Park mingled with the cries of gulls and the occasional whinny from a pony is a symphonic lullaby that no composer can duplicate.  -Chris D.

I love how it sparks creativity with kids and even adults. It makes us get lost and wander.  -Amanda S.

I am thankful for fox families, eagles, osprey, teeny box turtles, rain storms, fragrant flowers, full moons, shooting stars, owls that call in the afternoon, fiddleheads… and so much more.  -Tania G.

The beautiful country landscape of the Eastern Shore. – Linda P.

The flowering trees in spring. Walking along the trails in our beautiful state parks. Watching the wildlife, especially the birds and the deer. -Linda R.

Largest estuary in the USA!  -Natalie W.

Article appears in Vol. 23, No. 2 of the Maryland Natural Resource magazine, summer 2020.