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Timeline: Our Story Begins

The units that make up today’s Department of Natural Resources mostly date back farther than 1969, many having gone through numerous names and structural changes before and even after becoming part of the department. The earliest version of what is now a Department of Natural Resources function is the Maryland Geological Survey, which originated with  Read the Rest…

From the Field: Biologist Brooke Landry

Brooke Landry’s passion for biology started early. “I was a little science geek,” she laughs. Her interest in underwater grasses really picked up as she snorkeled around coral reefs and beds of seagrass on a middle school class trip to Belize. A few undergrad summers spent studying salt marshes on Maryland’s Eastern Shore immersed her  Read the Rest…

Outside Perspective

Fifty years ago, Governor Marvin Mandel replaced the former Board of Natural Resources with the cabinet-level Department of Natural Resources and our operations began. As we celebrate this milestone, DNR is proud of the fact that our work is making a difference in every county and community across Maryland.

The Nature of Change

Maryland has changed quite a bit in the past 50 years, but one thing has remained the same: the dedication and hard work of the employees of the Department of Natural Resources. Since its official founding on July 1, 1969, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has conserved, protected and restored the critical areas of  Read the Rest…

Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas: Now Available!

Calling all reptile and amphibian enthusiasts! The Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas is now available through Johns Hopkins University Press. This collaborative atlas is a result of over 1,000 community scientist volunteers and biologists working together to document distributions of reptiles and amphibians across Maryland. The guide contains over 85 natural history accounts of reptiles  Read the Rest…

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