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Employee of the Month

March Employee of the Month – Mel Kendle

April 9, 2018
Mel Kendle is the Maintenance Supervisor for the J. Louis Boublitz District Court in Hagerstown. He has been employed with the state for almost 24 years, and I have to say that he is a great asset to me and the DGS organization. He takes great pride in the building,  ...Learn more

February Employee of the Month – Pfc. Vincent Kurek

April 9, 2018
Private First Class (Pfc.) Vincent Kurek has been with the Maryland Capitol Police (MCP) Baltimore Detachment for 26 years. He also served in the National Guard for 20 years (1984 – 2004). Officer Kurek works the evening shift and leads the Detachment in traffic enforcement. A team player, he is  ...Learn more

January 2018 Employee of the Month – Security Officer Gwenda McGowan

January 26, 2018
Security Officer Gwenda McGowan celebrated 18 years of service with the Maryland Capitol Police on January 18; she was hired in 2000 as a temporary building guard trainee. In her determination to expand her knowledge and improve her skills, Officer McGowan has earned three different certificates from the Federal Emergency Management  ...Learn more

December Employee of the Month – Jane Bailey

December 19, 2017
Jane Bailey, Program Manager/BPW Liaison in the Procurement & Logistics division, retired on December 1 after nine years of exemplary service to DGS. During her tenure, she provided extraordinary value to the P&L team. Thanks to her work ethic, reliability and resilience, the division kept pace with the state’s construction  ...Learn more

November Employees of the Month – Cathy Ensor and Kim Langhkam

December 19, 2017
With a staff that includes only the two of them, Kim Langkam (left) and Cathy Ensor manage a caseload of 1,100 grants valued at over $770 million. And they never complain! No matter the requests made of them, you’ll never hear them say “that’s not in my job description.” Cathy  ...Learn more

October Employee of the Month – Mark Schneidman

November 6, 2017
  Mark Schneidman, Sr. Project Manager with the Capital Projects Division of Facilities Planning, Design & Construction, can usually be found managing large capital design and construction projects in Annapolis or from his Baltimore office. On August 17, however, you might have caught a glimpse of him on the State  ...Learn more

September Employee of the Month – Ron Scheitlin

November 6, 2017
Ron Scheitlin is a one-man team. He is a capital maintenance project engineer with FPDC and has managed the department’s hazardous materials (HAZMAT) projects for many, many years. He has exhibited unwavering professionalism, dedication and exceptional customer service on sometimes very difficult and sensitive projects – from lead paint testing  ...Learn more

August Employee of the Month – Sergeant Dave Lewis

November 6, 2017
Sgt. Dave Lewis was a police officer with the Morgan University Police Department for seven years before he joined the Maryland Capitol Police Department in November 2014. In less than two years (August 2016), he was promoted to sergeant because of his dedication, work ethic and skills. MCP has had  ...Learn more

July Employee of the Month – John Roche

July 31, 2017
John Roche joined the Inner Harbor team from the private sector in March of 2016. He was a locksmith who just wasn’t comfortable charging people for helping them get into their cars or homes. His boss found out about a service call where John didn’t charge the customer; he was  ...Learn more

Employee of the Month – Maurice Jeffreys

June 26, 2017
Maurice Jeffreys is a mountain of a man with a heart of gold and a passion for his work. He has been a valued member of the Facilities Operations & Maintenance team at the State Office Complex since 1998. A dedicated and highly skilled employee, he gives 100% in his  ...Learn more