Employee of the Month
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Employee of the Month

July Employee of the Month – John Roche

July 31, 2017
John Roche joined the Inner Harbor team from the private sector in March of 2016. He was a locksmith who just wasn’t comfortable charging people for helping them get into their cars or homes. His boss found out about a service call where John didn’t charge the customer; he was  ...Learn more

Employee of the Month – Maurice Jeffreys

June 26, 2017
Maurice Jeffreys is a mountain of a man with a heart of gold and a passion for his work. He has been a valued member of the Facilities Operations & Maintenance team at the State Office Complex since 1998. A dedicated and highly skilled employee, he gives 100% in his  ...Learn more

Employee of the Month – Colleen Haynes

May 16, 2017
Colleen Haynes has been a construction unit supervisor with Procurement & Logistics for 30 years. Her responsibilities — demanding; her successes — outstanding. Both are too numerous to list, but here are a few highlights: Leads the day-to-day operations for the P&L construction team, including direct supervision of three procurement  ...Learn more

Employee of the Month – Brian Tressler

April 17, 2017
Brian Tressler has been with Facilities Planning, Design & Construction for five years. He is Area Supervisor for western region construction, which includes the entire western part of the state. He isn’t just a supervisor, however; he is also an inspector managing and overseeing construction projects in Garrett, Allegany and  ...Learn more

Employee of the Month – MCP Security Officer George Gibson

March 7, 2017
For the past 30 years, Security Officer George Gibson has been providing excellent service to the employees and visitors at the Baltimore Complex. He is always on time for his shift and presents a positive, professional image. When asked to work overtime, he doesn’t hesitate to say “Yes.” Security Officer  ...Learn more

Employee of the Month – Frank Pullifrone

February 10, 2017
Frank Pullifrone is on the road a lot. A project manager in the facilities engineering division of Facilities Planning, Design & Construction, Frank took on a challenging project in Western Maryland last fall. The Grand Building in Cumberland, operated by Canal Place Authority and housing professional offices and a gift  ...Learn more

Employee of the Month – Ronald Moulden

January 24, 2017
Ronald Moulden has been with Facilities Operations and Maintenance in Annapolis for more than 17 years, which makes him a familiar face in the state’s capital. He interacts with just about everyone: the Governor’s staff, Government House employees, State House employees, and employees at the other state buildings comprising the  ...Learn more

Employee of the Month — Bert Mahla

January 9, 2017
If you google a steamfitter’s job, you’ll learn that they are “pipe-fitters who have chosen to specialize in pipes that carry high-pressure steam, water and other elements.” The description goes on to say that “the job of steamfitter is strenuous and is not without risk.” The job description leaves no  ...Learn more

Employee of the Month — Rosalyn “Roz” Greene

December 2, 2016
Every DGS employee is a valued customer in Rosalyn “Roz” Greene’s playbook. Her work directly impacts the livelihoods of each of them, and they can always count on friendly service and timely responses. That’s important, because Roz and the team she supervises in Payroll ensure that employees submit their time  ...Learn more

Employee of the Month — K-9 Champ

September 9, 2016
It hasn’t happened often, but it has been known to occur: an employee who’s been with DGS for a short time is recognized as Employee of the Month. The selection criteria set a high bar and include a strong work ethic, positive attitude, professional behavior and service to others. It  ...Learn more