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January 2024 Honoree

Eric Davis
Officer Eric Davis has over 30 years of experience and knowledge in law enforcement. Officer Davis has been with MCP for about two years. Officer Davis also trains and shares his wisdom and knowledge of law enforcement to new officers joining the Maryland Capitol Police. Officer Davis shows his dedication to the mission of the Maryland Capitol Police by volunteering to work overtime when needed. At 1350 hours on November 5, 2023, Officer Davis advised his supervisor that he noticed a person throwing up on the Fireman Memorial bench while driving on his way into work. After Officer Davis described the unknown individual to his supervisor and even though his shift had not started, Officer Davis quickly responded to the Fireman Memorial to assist his supervisor. The individual was barely conscious and Officer Davis gave the individual two doses of Narcan®, which helped the individual until a Medic arrived. Because of Officer Davis’s quick response, the individual was transported to the hospital and has since recovered. Officer Davis has shown outstanding leadership and dedication whether or not he is on or off duty.