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Caught Doing Great Service

October Honorees

November 1, 2023
October Honorees The general accounting unit of Karen Riley, Richard Simpson, Annie Ahoueya and Hong Lu do many tasks that may go unnoticed, but are critical to our agency’s overall success. They bill other agencies for the work DGS performs, monitor our aging reports to make sure those bills are  ...Learn more

September Honorees

October 3, 2023
Sergeant Luke Montgomery came to the Maryland Capitol Police from the Baltimore City Sheriff department where he spent approximately 19 years, serving his community. Sgt. Montgomery is a hard-working supervisor, respectful and polite to all that he comes across. He does not shy away from a call for service and  ...Learn more

August Honorees

August 29, 2023
Ashlyn Cox is recognized for her invaluable support in managing the State Center Relocation consultant contracts and helping to move this large relocation project forward. While Ashlyn has only been with DGS for 16 months, she has proven to be a strong asset to our team bringing her knowledge of  ...Learn more

July Honorees

August 1, 2023
Linda Dowery started her service to the state in 1988. She was a Fiscal Tech for the DGS District Courts and Multi-Service Centers, working out of the division’s Ellicott City headquarters. Then, after a long and distinguished career, Linda retired. Her colleagues held a retirement party for her, and that  ...Learn more

June Honorees

June 22, 2023
Baltimore Regional Manager, James Boyd, has only been in the position for less than 6 months, but he hit the ground running. He embraced his increased responsibilities and learned a lot of necessary administrative tasks. James has eagerly taken on new challenges and is continually improving our processes. He has been  ...Learn more

May Honorees

June 6, 2023
Joe Mayne & Bill Ketner were Caught Doing Great Service. When an urgent repair was needed in one of the Government House restrooms, Joe Mayne stepped up to help without any complaints, using some of his own tools and putting his general contractor skills to use. Bill worked right alongside  ...Learn more

April Honorees

May 3, 2023
MCP nominated their Police Communication Officers (PCO); PCS Chaconda Cheeks, PCS Lakeshia Wesby, PCO Damara Knox-Harris, PCO Tameara Blackston, PCO Mechiko Moulden, PCO Connor Coulbourn, PCO Craig Phillips, PCO Maurice Hughes, PCO Felicia Mooney, PCO April Fenner, and PCO Richard Bassett III for Caught DGS in honor of National Public  ...Learn more

March Honorees

March 23, 2023
The Design, Construction, & Energy Division takes pride in their teamwork and customer service. Two great examples of that teamwork and customer service are Jackie Koppenhaver and Lisa Brittan. They have been in State service for almost 72 years combined – Jackie has over 35yrs and Lisa has over 36yrs;  ...Learn more

February Honorees

February 23, 2023
Dan Heyman provides front-line customer services to State agencies seeking to modify their footprints or obtain new space in State owned buildings.  He has the difficult job at times of resolving conflicts when agency’s space needs are in conflict.  He also has the challenging task of responding to high level  ...Learn more

January Honorees

January 26, 2023
Monica Franklin, Tyler Russell, Emmanuel Smith, Julissa Marcano, and Brandford Quartey were faced with an arduous, never before done task. I asked for volunteers and these 5 stepped up. They learned anew process, they completed their tasks and they are now in a position to help others with this task.  ...Learn more