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Caught Doing Great Service

October Honorees

October 31, 2019
Customer Service Center for the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Unit: Antoinette Williams, Pam Tisdale, Joan Leazer, Beneisha Dawson These ladies assist FOM staff and tenants of DGS-managed buildings with placing work orders into FOM’s eMaint Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). They convert tenants’ requests into work orders or take  ...Learn more

September Honorees

September 30, 2019
George Mitchell has shouldered a tremendous weight in the implementation of the State’s new eProcurement system – eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA). As one of the most knowledgeable persons about the previous eProcurement system, he worked through challenge after challenge in the data migration strategy and implementation. He did much of the  ...Learn more

August Honorees

September 24, 2019
  Wayne Howell, Capital Maintenance Project Engineer, Architect II, has been with DGS for 35 years, and he has maintained a positive attitude throughout this time. His enthusiasm and the extra effort he makes are on display every day. Wayne’s hard work, sincerity, perseverance and diligence are evident in everything  ...Learn more

July Honorees

July 30, 2019
Andra Shaw has been with Facilities Operations and Maintenance in Annapolis for four years, and throughout this time she has given great service to all of the buildings’ tenants. As Safety Officer, she has made sure that they work in clean and safe environments. Closely involved in the abatement of  ...Learn more

June Honorees

July 9, 2019
FOM Baltimore Public Buildings and Grounds & FPDCE An inspection in mid-May of the State Center power plant revealed that large pipes carrying chilled water and steam to the State Center buildings faced imminent and catastrophic failure.  DGS staff from Facilities Operations & Maintenance (FOM) and Facilities Planning, Design, Construction  ...Learn more

May Honorees

May 31, 2019
The DGS Business Enterprise Administration Division selected the following staff members for Doing Great Service recognition for May 2019: The Gov Deals Team – Ed Nunez, Aarica Dupree, Iesha Daniels Overton The Statewide Excess Property Disposal Team – Jim Bertocchio, Terri Mitchell The Gov Deals Team and Statewide Excess Property Disposal Team  ...Learn more

April Honorees

April 26, 2019
  Roderick Rinon, Chief Engineer for Baltimore FOM, is challenged daily. With all of the frigidly cold mornings and  90 degree summer afternoons, it’s far more satisfying, you might say, to drive around the 695 beltway during rush hour than it is to control the interior building temperatures at State  ...Learn more

March Caught DGS

April 2, 2019
Police Communications Officer (PCO) Audrey Hinton has been a loyal, dedicated employee of the Department of General Services, Maryland Capitol Police since October 2008. She has proven to be a valuable asset to the Communications team. Always at the ready and willing to lend a hand where needed, PCO Hinton  ...Learn more

February Caught DGS

March 1, 2019
Thurgood Marshall has become an honorary member of the DGS-Facilities Planning, Design Construction & Energy unit. Over the past year, the unit has spent more time talking about him than any of the other 85 employees in the unit. His statue was the centerpiece in Lawyers Mall in Annapolis. When the steam piping in  ...Learn more

2019 January Caught DGS

March 1, 2019
  Sergeant Sheri Jackson has been with the Maryland Capitol Police for over 35 years. She is currently in charge of the Security Card Processing Centers, which process over 10,000 ID card applications annually. Sheri and her personnel also travel throughout the state several times a year to process and  ...Learn more