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Employee of the Month

March 2024 Honoree

April 5, 2024
Tyler Russell Tyler was given the unenviable task of stepping into what may be the most complex procurement DGS’ Office of State Procurement has seen in its brief existence. The Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) contract is a multi-billion dollar, extremely important contract. This contract will decide how our State workforce,  ...Learn more

February 2024 Honoree

March 4, 2024
Jamal Henderson Security Officer Jamal Henderson has been with the Maryland Capitol Police as a Security Officer since 2001. Security Officer Henderson is a dedicated and dependable employee devoting over 22 years to Maryland Capitol Police. He religiously displays a positive and helpful attitude while on duty and is guaranteed to  ...Learn more

January 2024 Honoree

February 2, 2024
Eric Davis Officer Eric Davis has over 30 years of experience and knowledge in law enforcement. Officer Davis has been with MCP for about two years. Officer Davis also trains and shares his wisdom and knowledge of law enforcement to new officers joining the Maryland Capitol Police. Officer Davis shows  ...Learn more

December Honoree

January 2, 2024
Haneef Goode, known to all as “Bam,” is a Baltimore Regional Manager with the Office of Facilities Management. Haneef has worked for DGS for nearly nine years. In that time, he completes his day-to-day job responsibilities, but he has also gone above and beyond to help anyone out who knows  ...Learn more

November Honoree

January 2, 2024
Gilbert McCoy is a police officer for the Maryland Capitol Police and has been with the department for three years and eight months. On August 3rd, 2023, while conducting a patrol check at 100 Community Place, Officer McCoy noticed Mrs. Clemons on the northside lawn, who was unresponsive and needed  ...Learn more

October Honoree

November 1, 2023
Sergeant Luke Montgomery came to the Maryland Capitol Police from the Baltimore City Sheriff department where he spent approximately 19 years, serving his community. Sgt. Montgomery is a hard-working supervisor, respectful and polite to all that he comes across. He does not shy away from a call for service and  ...Learn more

September Honoree

October 3, 2023
PCO Damara Knox-Harris has been with DGS for over 25 years. She started in March of 1998 as a Security Officer. Through the years she continued to work and attained the position of a PCO entailing the responsibilities to monitor radio transmissions over the two channels used by MCP, and  ...Learn more

August Honorees

August 29, 2023
Lakesha Watson always manages to go above and beyond for every piece of the job that she does. Lakesha continues to maintain a level of dedication and hard work for OSP. She handles and executes her work exceptionally. Lakesha has takes her time and ensures that her superior has all  ...Learn more

July Honorees

August 1, 2023
John Evianiak was working on a project to fix an underground leak on the heating and cooling lines for the Tawes complex in Annapolis. He was made aware of an underground heating water leak at another location that rapidly turned into an emergency. John immediately had his contractor begin to investigate. It  ...Learn more

June Honorees

June 22, 2023
Matt Dennies volunteered to investigate an issue when the Office of Design, Construction & Energy was contacted regarding a ceiling collapse at the Sweeney District Court in Annapolis. The ceiling in the courtroom had a structural failure. Fortunately, this happened over a holiday weekend and no injuries were reported. But,  ...Learn more