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Employee of the Month

October Honoree

November 30, 2020
Alan Howard is very responsive and has taken complete ownership of his building, HOD. There have been major projects in the building related to the fire alarm and fire suppression systems and has ensured that he is involved in all aspects as he learns the systems himself. Even when matters became  ...Learn more

September Honoree

September 29, 2020
Security Officer Pamela Wheeler has been with the Maryland Capitol Police for almost 23 years. Security Officer Wheeler works the midnight shift at the Baltimore Division, and reports to work on time every night and always likes to report to work at least 10-15 minutes earlier so she can be  ...Learn more

August Honoree

August 31, 2020
As we all learn to adjust to a new normal resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, our security officers have remained steadfast and diligent throughout. They have been on the front lines securing our buildings in Annapolis and Baltimore constantly greeting and directing and monitoring staff, vendors and visitors. These men and women exemplify  ...Learn more

July Honoree

July 22, 2020
Jeff Newsome, Compliance and Reporting Lead in the Office of State Procurement (OSP), is extremely busy. He is responsible for organizing, reviewing, validating and completing many of the required reports OSP must submit to other agencies or legislative committees. In 2020, this will include at least 10 reports, many of which  ...Learn more

June Honoree

July 8, 2020
Captain Rebecca Labs, Maryland Capitol Police Annapolis Division Commander, is responsible for the daily operations of the Annapolis Division. She started with MCP as a sergeant assigned to Annapolis 7 ½ years ago, after 23 years with the Maryland National Capital Park Police in Prince George’s County. Her adaptability and  ...Learn more

May Honorees

May 28, 2020
It hasn’t been business as usual at DGS since COVID-19 made its appearance in Maryland. Working remotely for the most part, we continue to do our jobs on behalf of Maryland’s citizens during this challenging time. From the first days of the health crisis, some of our dedicated employees have  ...Learn more

April Honorees

April 22, 2020
Ms. V Drummond and her cleaning crew continued to work alongside employees at 301 State Center in the Office of State Procurement (OSP) when the COVID-19 virus hit Maryland and a pandemic was declared. At the time, OSP staff were scrambling to prepare to work remotely. Every day throughout this  ...Learn more

March Honoree

April 22, 2020
Alba Castillo, with Annapolis FOM, is a model employee. She is tasked with the unique job of keeping the State House clean and providing exceptional customer service to everyone in that very important building. She comes to work on time and does her job with a friendly attitude. The building  ...Learn more

February Honoree

March 2, 2020
Lt. Matt Warehime has worked for the Maryland Capitol Police for over 14 years. He has worked patrol in both the Annapolis and Baltimore divisions and is now Assistant Commander of Support Services/ Commander of Technical Services. He is the agency’s chief firearms instructor, range master and armorer. He also  ...Learn more

January 2020 Honoree

January 31, 2020
Jocelyn Mance has been with DGS for 43 years. She is the Office Manager in the Office of Real Estate and is a dedicated employee. She oversees the office’s supply account and makes sure that it stays within budget while ensuring that supplies needed by her colleagues to perform their  ...Learn more