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October Honoree

Sergeant Luke Montgomery came to the Maryland Capitol Police from the Baltimore City Sheriff department where he spent approximately 19 years, serving his community. Sgt. Montgomery is a hard-working supervisor, respectful and polite to all that he comes across. He does not shy away from a call for service and backs up his fellow officers from this agency and others.

On September 6, 2023, at approximately 1250 hrs., Sgt. Luke Montgomery, was working at the Maryland Department of the Environment detail, located at 1800 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD. He was advised a state employee was having an unknown medical issue. Sgt. Montgomery responded to the 5th floor and upon his arrival it was determined that the state employee was choking.

Sgt. Montgomery immediately notified Maryland Capitol Police Communication Center and requested emergency medical personnel. Sgt. Montgomery remained calm, assessed the situation. Seeing the individual was still choking he immediately began performing lifesaving measures on the individual by performing the Heimlich maneuver! After several attempts, Sgt. Montgomery was successful in dislodging the item from the individual’s throat. It was further ascertained Ms. Cox had swallowed some medication which lodged in her throat causing her to choke. Sgt. Montgomery’s actions reflect the highest standards of the Maryland Capitol Police.