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November Honoree

Gilbert McCoy is a police officer for the Maryland Capitol Police and has been with the department for three years and eight months. On August 3rd, 2023, while conducting a patrol check at 100 Community Place, Officer McCoy noticed Mrs. Clemons on the northside lawn, who was unresponsive and needed medical attention. Officer McCoy quickly responded by rendering aid and attempting to wake Mrs. Clemmons, but unfortunately, she did not respond. He immediately notified dispatch of the emergency. Annapolis City Medic Rescue Team 6 and Engine 6 arrived on the scene, and Mrs. Clemons was treated for dehydration. Officer McCoy and the medical units attempted to transport her to the Pascal Center, but Supervisor Shante Brown did not allow Mrs. Clemons access to the building. The Supervisor advised them that Mrs. Clemmons would need to see the medical staff to be processed, but no medical team was available, leaving Mrs. Clemons with nowhere to go. Officer McCoy spoke with the Medic units to ensure Mrs. Clemons had a place to go. Annapolis Medic Rescue units transported Mrs. Clemons to Anne Arundel County Medical Center for further medical treatment without any further incident. Officer McCoy’s outstanding performance in rendering aid and assistance to ensure the safety and care of Mrs. Clemons and his exceptional service to everyone he interacts with is noteworthy. Officer McCoy’s actions demonstrate the core values of the Maryland Capitol Police.