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December Honoree

Haneef Goode, known to all as “Bam,” is a Baltimore Regional Manager with the Office of Facilities Management. Haneef has worked for DGS for nearly nine years. In that time, he completes his day-to-day job responsibilities, but he has also gone above and beyond to help anyone out who knows him. And, there are a lot of people that know him!

Bam does not hesitate to jump into action by going to other buildings to help out. When contractors show up unannounced at the vacant 2100 Guilford Avenue building, Bam will stop what he is doing to drive over to allow the contractor access because his team is busy on other projects. He always answers his phone and responds to all after hour emergencies, like when a tenant’s car won’t start in the parking lot because their battery died. Bam is there to help. He has many contacts in many agencies and always knows who to call to get results.

Bam is also willing to share his knowledge. With the help of our Chief of Grounds, Duane Lucas, Bam has trained many of our guys to operate Baltimore’s large snow removal equipment. Each fall, he demonstrates how to confidently operate the tractor and plow, Gator with a plow attachment, salt spreader, brine tank and Brutus to keep Baltimore parking lots, sidewalks and grounds free and clear of ice and snow during the winter season. Bam has no problem jumping in the trenches to do work, when needed. Additionally, Bam makes sure BPBG staff have all they need to brave the outdoor weather (hats, gloves, winter jackets). Bam has worked closely with numerous building managers on a good number of jobs. He’s the guy that gets things done. He picked up two pallets of water bottles to distribute to our tenants when Baltimore City Department of Public Works issued a water boil advisory. Bam also bought and delivered a new refrigerator and microwave for the new Governor’s transition suite.

Bam is a hard worker and has done well for the Baltimore Division.