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July Honorees

John Evianiak was working on a project to fix an underground leak on the heating and cooling lines for the Tawes complex in Annapolis. He was made aware of an underground heating water leak at another location that rapidly turned into an emergency. John immediately had his contractor begin to investigate. It was determined that shutting down the heating was the best course of action as the leak had intensified. On a weekend John, along with the contractor and DGS OFM team, identified areas that would need temporary heat. By Monday morning, the contractor had the necessary equipment in place to keep the impact to the occupants to a minimum. John had a plan to put a temporary boiler in place, while the contractor began excavations to expose the leak. Once the contractor exposed the area, it was determined that the leak could be repaired and the temporary boiler would not be needed. For John’s management of the emergency and dedication to ensure a continuance of operations at the facility.