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Maryland Summer-Fall Striped Bass Season Regulations Includes New Maximum Size to Conserve Spawning Stock

Regulations Take Effect May 16, Following Actions Approved by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced regulations for the summer recreational striped bass fishing season beginning May 16, 2023, including a new maximum size of 31 inches that is being enacted in states throughout the Atlantic Coast. The department  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – May 10

The glorious outdoors are waiting for all to come and enjoy some peace, contemplation from our busy world, and special time with those we love. There are few better opportunities for quality time with our children than fishing together on a quiet stream, pond, or reservoir.

Maryland Fishing Report – April 19

April continues to bring us the many splendors of spring and delightful weather for outdoor activities and fishing. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources trout hatchery program continues generous weekly stockings in many of the state’s waters. As many Chesapeake Bay anglers await the opening of the trophy striped bass season on May 1, others  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – April 5

It seems spring has finally arrived with some very welcome weather. Now is a great time to get outdoors, and fishing together with family and especially children is a wonderful activity. The spring trout stocking program continues throughout Maryland. This presents an excellent time for our younger anglers where they can achieve success while fishing.

Maryland Fishing Report – March 29

The 2023 Maryland trout season had its normal start last weekend, with plenty of trout to go around for everyone. The weather was wet and chilly, but fun was had by all. Hickory and American shad are arriving at traditional locations to the joy of catch-and-release anglers. The spring striped bass catch-and-release season will be  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – March 22

The signs of spring are everywhere, and among them is the traditional opening day of Maryland trout season on Saturday, March 25 in many of the put-and-take trout management waters throughout the state. Trout anglers will be out fishing in their favorite waters and enjoying the generous stockings from Maryland Department of Natural Resources hatcheries.

Maryland Fishing Report – March 8

March is upon us and anglers young and old are feeling the urge to venture to their favorite fishing location. Maryland Department of Natural Resources crews are busy stocking trout in many locations for put-and-take anglers. Largemouth bass are becoming more active and along with other species of fish providing exciting fishing opportunities. 

Maryland Fishing Report – Late Winter

Some may believe February is a month for indoor activities, but there is plenty of winter fishing to be enjoyed. There are excellent opportunities for large tautog off Ocean City, fishing for many freshwater species is good, and Maryland Department of Natural Resources crews are placing generous amounts of trout in put-and-take waters near you  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – Early Winter

Winter is knocking and those who can dress warm have many fishing opportunities to indulge in through the season. The preseason stocking of trout is occurring, and fishing for tautog off Ocean City is good. Many other species are available in waters across our state – check the online Maryland Guide to Fishing and Crabbing  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – November 30

If you dress warmly there are plenty of fishing opportunities this week. There is good fishing for striped bass along with freshwater species like largemouth bass. Offshore in the Atlantic Ocean, fishing for sea bass is excellent with everyone onboard catching a limit.

Maryland Fishing Report – November 23

Everyone at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources wishes you a pleasant and warm Thanksgiving holiday. More than a few anglers will slip out for a little fishing before the big celebration or on the weekend. There are plenty of exciting fishing opportunities out there this week.

Maryland Fishing Report – November 16

Colder temperatures have anglers bundling up to enjoy the good fishing available for a variety of species that are still being caught this fall. Anglers can now be seen dressed in duck hunting garb, gloves, knee boots, or similar warm clothing. Be prepared and have fun!

Maryland Fishing Report – November 9

Chilly nights and pleasant days are heralding late fall, and anglers are trading their lighter clothing for more substantial and warmer attire to enjoy the outdoors and the wonderful fishing opportunities of the season.  The University of Maryland Eastern Shore has designed a 15-minute online survey with a goal of reaching at least 1,400 anglers  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – November 2

There is a wide variety of fishing opportunities this week for Maryland anglers. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has stocked trout in many put-and-take waters, including ponds that are ideal for our younger anglers. Striped bass fishing is at its zenith in the Chesapeake Bay, and extra-large crabs are being caught in the Bay  Read the Rest…

State Record Smooth Dogfish Caught in Atlantic Ocean

Pennsylvania Angler Reels in 18-Pound Shark at Ocean City Fay Ganster of Reading, Pennsylvania has been officially recognized by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as the new state record holder for the Atlantic Division with an 18-pound smooth dogfish she caught off the coast of Ocean City on October 22.

Maryland Fishing Report – October 26

Summer temperatures are a distant memory, but the splashes of fall colors and excellent fishing opportunities throughout Maryland more than make up for it. This is a wonderful time to be out with family and friends fishing for everything from trout to striped bass.

Maryland Fishing Report – October 19

Anglers are bundling up and enjoying fall fishing at its finest out on the Chesapeake Bay and in Maryland’s freshwater locations, which offer a variety of species. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources fall trout stocking program is in full swing. DNR and the Maryland Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission are proud to announce Captain Bruno  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – October 12

Anglers returned to fishing with some relatively warm and sunny weather following the previous week’s storm. Across the state, cooling water temperatures should cause both freshwater and saltwater fish to feed more aggressively prior to the winter months. Many boats are seeking striped bass on the Bay, fall trout stocking is underway, and the invasive  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – October 5

Welcome to the great month of “Rocktober!” The recent wind and rain from the remnants of Hurricane Ian has created difficult conditions, but the weather should be improving soon. Anglers saw some exciting fishing action prior to the storm and are anticipating some good fishing in the coming days. Across the state, cooling water temperatures  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – September 28

As we reach the end of September, anglers are seeing some exciting fishing action – cooling water temperatures are transitioning some marine fisheries and spurring freshwater fish to feed more aggressively.  The end of summer brought some excitement to the Atlantic Coast. Two new state record fish were caught out of Ocean City – a  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – September 21

As summer fades into fall, anglers are enjoying milder temperatures and good fishing for a variety of species. If you enjoy beautiful scenery to go with your fall fishing trips, check out the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fall Foliage Report to find out where the trees are displaying their natural wonder. Sign up at  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – September 14

As we move through September, the thrill of beautiful weather beckons everyone to get outside. There are lots of fishing opportunities to be found this week in Maryland waters, from the western mountains to the Atlantic coast, and everywhere in between.

Maryland Fishing Report – September 7

Cooler air temperatures will start lowering water temperatures this month and fish behavior will begin to change, for the better in most cases. Freshwater fish will become more active during the day, summer migrants to the Chesapeake and coastal bays will begin to feel the urge to move south, and fall migrations of offshore ocean  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – August 31

Labor Day is almost upon us, and with September comes small changes in weather that will affect fishing in Maryland. Cooler water temperatures will cause some of our summer migrants to start heading south, and local fish species will become more active throughout the day. This week is our final Striped Bass Fishing Advisory Forecast  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – August 24

Summertime fun continues across Maryland, and it is a great time for dads and moms to spend special moments while fishing with children and making memories that will last a lifetime. Remember to check the striped bass fishing advisory forecast for excessively hot weather, and help protect our smaller catch-and-release fish for future seasons.

Maryland Fishing Report – August 17

The summer days keep rolling along – be sure to enjoy what time we have now with kids before they are back to school. Soon it will be September, exciting times for anglers as water temperatures cool and fishing kicks into high gear. But until then, remember that hot weather creates tough conditions for undersized  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – August 3

This is an exciting week for fishing and crabbing in Maryland! The Chesapeake Bay striped bass season has reopened, and more seasonal fish are arriving in the Bay, rivers, and Atlantic Ocean. Remember that hot weather creates tough conditions for undersized striped bass that are caught and released. From now until September, DNR once again  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – July 27

As we approach the end of July, families are enjoying vacations and anglers of all ages are fishing together. Sometimes the unbounded hope of angling offers up some surprises.  For those anglers who are also photographers, be sure to enter your best shots in the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Photo Contest. Entries for the  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – July 20

Chesapeake Bay anglers received a welcome surprise this week with the arrival of wonderful numbers of speckled trout, bluefish, and spot. These offer great alternatives during the striped bass closure in the Chesapeake Bay through July 31 and the tidal Potomac River until August 21.  Elsewhere, the waters off Ocean City are offering excellent fishing  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – July 13

Kayak fishing has gained many converts in the past few years. These small, human-powered watercraft are portable and offer easy access to waters throughout Maryland, and for our younger anglers provide an opportunity to be the captain of their own vessel.

Maryland Fishing Report – July 6

Maryland is full of outdoor adventures, and getting out on the water is one of the most enjoyable. Being the captain of your own vessel can be a thrill and a learning experience for our younger anglers, under the watchful eye of adults tagging along and capturing those special moments.

Maryland Fishing Report – June 22

The arrival of summer provides plenty of opportunities for special family time in the great outdoors. This past Sunday was a wonderful Father’s Day for dads, grandads, and other father figures to spend fishing with sons and daughters. 

Maryland Fishing Report – June 8

Even if it’s not official yet, summertime is here and families are enjoying time fishing together. Bluegill sunfish, white perch, and catfish are some simple species that are easy for our younger anglers to catch and feel the excitement that fishing can provide.

Maryland Fishing Report – June 1

Maryland anglers are adjusting to some unexpectedly changing fisheries and are targeting invasive species. Northern snakeheads, blue catfish, and flathead catfish populations are expanding rapidly in Maryland waters, and anglers are taking up the challenge to reduce their populations. The old adage of making lemonade out of lemons comes to mind, since they all taste  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – May 25

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and with it the traditional start of summer activities. The three-day weekend offers some wonderful opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. If you have a friend you’d like to introduce to fishing, Maryland offers license-free fishing days the first two Saturdays in June and also on  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – May 18

Warm and sunny weather returned to Maryland and fishing conditions are getting back to normal, with lighter winds and less rain this week.  The shad run is winding down, but should continue until the end of May. With the warmer weather, fishing for invasive snakeheads is starting to improve in the shallow waters of Blackwater  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – May 11

The big story recently was a major storm system with heavy rains and northeasterly winds, which brought flooding conditions to the Potomac, Susquehanna, and other rivers and streams across Maryland. Fishing conditions should slowly get back to normal with a stretch of warmer sunny days and lighter winds. The shad run should continue until late  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – April 27

April has been a wonderful month for fishing, especially for our put-and-take trout anglers. Maryland Department of Natural Resources staff have been out each week stocking trout waters around the state. The 2022 striped bass trophy season begins Sunday, May 1, and our Chesapeake Bay anglers will be out in force – be sure to  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – April 20

Chillier weather descended upon Maryland this past week, and areas of Western Maryland even received a significant amount of snow. Warmer weather is in the forecast ahead, just in time for a weekend of fishing together with family and friends. This month offers special opportunities for our younger anglers to enjoy fishing in the put-and-take  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – April 13

Maryland appears to be taking a big leap into spring weather this weekend, so be sure to find yourself outdoors fishing with family and friends. Trout fishing is on the top of the list for many freshwater anglers, especially our youngsters. Be sure to check the Maryland Department of Natural Resources website for the Chesapeake  Read the Rest…

Maryland Fishing Report – April 6

March finished with some cold and blustery conditions for anglers, and April promises milder temperatures. Trout fishing in the put-and-take areas has been getting the premier attention of many anglers enjoying the daily and generous stocking of trout, which will last through the month of April. Don’t miss it!   As a reminder, Maryland waters  Read the Rest…