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Maryland Fishing Report – Oct. 16

Photo of three people holding a basket full of blue crabs

Photo courtesy of Jim Livingston

Without a doubt we are now in a fall weather pattern, and those sunny days will become less and less frequent. Some are taking advantage of these remaining warm days and catching the last of the Chesapeake Bay’s summer bounty of blue crab. Read more…

Maryland Fishing Report – Oct. 9

Photo of girl holding a northern snakehead

Sarah Chlebnikow is all smiles after catching her first northern snakehead. Photo by Barry Browning

Pleasant daytime temperatures make ideal conditions for taking our younger fishermen out for some family fun close to home. Community ponds usually offer plenty of freshwater species such as bluegill sunfish. The fall trout stocking program is underway and community ponds are one of the many places fish will be stocked near your home. Northern snakeheads offer some exciting fishing this time of the year as they have moved out into more open waters, and a simple bobber with a minnow offer plenty of fishing fun for our younger anglers.

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Maryland Fishing Report – Oct. 2

Photo of man with large red drum he caught and released

The catch-and release fishery for red drum is particularly exciting as evidenced by that big smile on Tim Campbell’s face before he slips this beautiful fish back into the Bay. Photo courtesy of Tim Campbell

As we transition to October, summer-type weather has continued to hold on and everyone would agree we could use some rain. Fishing conditions are very good in most areas and the Chesapeake Bay could hardly be better with an abundance of Spanish mackerel, and red drum to please any angler.

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Maryland Fishing Report – Sept. 25

Photo of two men as they hold up a pair of red drum.

Travis Long and Justin Beam quickly hold up a pair of huge red drum before slipping them back into the bay. Photo courtesy of Travis Long

As summer slips into history and we step into fall, there is a lot of exciting fishing in Maryland. Trout fishermen are getting ready for the fall stocking program that begins in October. The Chesapeake Bay is teeming with Spanish mackerel and behemoth red drum, providing some amazing catch-and-release fishing.

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Maryland Fishing Report – Sept. 18

Photo of Two boys with their crab traps

Photo by Jim Livingston

The change of seasons is always a push-and-pull affair – recently it seemed that summer was just not ready to let go. This is a wonderful time of the year to still enjoy the outdoor activities Maryland’s warm weather affords, and is perhaps the best time of the year to enjoy large and heavy crabs as they fatten up for a winter’s rest — don’t miss it.

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Maryland Fishing Report – September 11

Photo of Man holding a large Spanish Mackerel

Photo by Captain “walleye” Pete Dahlberg

September is an exciting month for those who love the outdoors and fishing is usually at the top of the list. Mild late summer weather is providing exciting fishing opportunities across the Maryland landscape from the western mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. In the Chesapeake Bay, we have relatively warm water, higher salinities, and a very strong run of Spanish mackerel which is delighting those who are able to get out and fish for them.

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Maryland Fishing Report – September 4

Photo of Spanish mackeral

Marty Zupancic decided to show us the toothy face of a Spanish mackerel he caught recently. Photo by Marty Zupancic

Now that Labor Day activities are behind us, anglers can focus on fishing more with family and friends. Cooler weather will begin to show its face and Maryland waters will begin to shake off the summer heat. Fishing for Spanish mackerel has been very popular in the bay.

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Maryland Fishing Report – August 28

Photo of people with bushels of crabsThe recent cooler weather has been a welcomed relief for all, and the hot summer months are beginning to fade into memory. Fishing has been good and recreational crabbers, in particular, are enjoying the bounty of the Chesapeake Bay, providing healthy and heavy crabs for crab picking with family and friends.

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Maryland Fishing Report – Aug. 21

Photo of boy in boat crabbing

Memories are made while fishing and crabbing and this guy is lucky enough to have a grandfather to take him crabbing. Photo by Jim Livingston

We are on the back end of August and there are signs everywhere that the summer season is coming to a close — but there’s still time for families to spend some quality time together fishing. Read more…

Maryland Fishing Report – August 14

Photo of man with northern snakehead

Photo by Michael Carr

No matter how seasoned one is as a fishermen, catching a noteworthy fish brings out excitement that is too often suppressed deep within us. Our daily trials can take a toll on our sense of childlike fun. This photo made me smile and caused me to relive a few moments that I shared with friends when catching a truly exciting fish. Fishing brings joy, no matter how the fish is taken or if it is an invasive fish that carries the distinctive name of northern snakehead.

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