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Maryland Fishing Report – June 12

Photo of a man and his son hauling in a big catch

Photo by Keith Lockwood

This is a special weekend for sons and daughters to celebrate their love for the fathers – or father figures in their lives — who help them to appreciate the gifts of the outdoors. No doubt many will take out the gear this weekend and share that special time together that fishing provides. Happy Father’s Day!

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Maryland Fishing Report – June 5

The look on Dexter Webster’s face says it all after a day trout fishing with his grandfather.

Photo of boy with several trout he caught

There is a special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren, and some children are lucky enough to have a grandpa or grandma to take them fishing. Lothar Weber recently took his 5 year old grandson Dexter trout fishing near Little Falls. Grandpa brought his fly fishing outfit, Dexter dug up his mom’s garden to collect some worms for bait. The results of their trout fishing trip together was described as: Dexter 5, trout and Grandpa 0.

Two more license-free fishing days are scheduled this year on June 8 and July 4. These are perfect opportunities to get someone started on their own fishing adventures!

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Maryland Fishing Report – May 29

Photo of man Fly fishing on the Savage River in Garrett County.

Kenny Wampler found solitude while fly fishing on the Savage River in Garrett County. Photo by Alan Klotz

Summertime temperatures are settling in this week and many will be looking for some relief from the heat — water provides that and fun as well. Many will be headed to Maryland’s state parks, the Chesapeake Bay or Ocean City, while others will seek the solitude and cool temperatures of western Maryland. 

Also, the state is hosting three license-free fishing days on June 1, June 8 and July 4. These annual events allow everyone the chance to test their fishing skills or reinvigorate their love of fishing without needing a license, trout stamp or registration. 

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Maryland Fishing Report – May 22

Photo of two boys fishing

This little guy seems plum tuckered out while leaning into his older brother after a family fishing outing with dad.

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and many Marylanders will be headed to local festivities, to the mountains or to the beaches for family fun and relaxation. Fishing rods will be seen everywhere, poking out of campers, pickup trucks and roof racks. Fishing offers time for reflection, so please take a moment to remember those who sacrificed for the freedoms we all enjoy today.

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Maryland Fishing Report – May 15

Photo of Kids at a fishing rodeo

Photo by Letha Grimes

While recent rains caused swollen streams and rivers and left everything a bit soggy, the weather for the coming weekend is predicted to be sunny and warm – and it should be a wonderful time to be outside with family and friends. There are several youth fishing opportunities called fishing rodeos where kids line up along grassy community ponds and soak a worm under a bobber with dreams of fishing trophies and the excitement of catching fish.

This is a great opportunity for families and if you’re not sure what to do, there are always plenty of volunteers on hand to help. Our website lists upcoming events by county so you can find one near you. 

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Maryland Fishing Report – May 8

Photo of two boys with their catch of crabs

Photo by Jim Livingston

The black locust trees are blooming and for many old timers this heralds the first blue crab shed of the year – starting many to think about getting their gear ready and enjoying some recreational crabbing and the bounty it provides.

There is good news for all wishing to enjoy a crab feast. The results of the 2019 blue crab winter dredge survey show populations in the Chesapeake Bay are up approximately 60 percent! 

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Maryland Fishing Report – May 1

Photo of Boy holding fish

Photo courtesy of Jayden Venable

Welcome to May — a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors with family and especially children. There are few things more fun than taking children to any of Maryland’s many fishing derbies or rodeos. These events are usually held at a community pond and sponsored by a local service organization. Trophies and prizes for various categories are handed out, and it is just a great time for all.

The department has a schedule of fishing rodeos posted online. Gather up your kids and enjoy some of these events. 

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Maryland Fishing Report – April 24

Three-year-old Benjamin Hudak proudly holds up his first fish

Three-year-old Benjamin Hudak proudly holds up his first fish, caught it at the youth-only fishing area at Carroll Creek in Frederick. Photo by Brandon Hudak

There are a lot of exciting fishing opportunities in Maryland and perhaps one most dear to any parent is helping a son or daughter catch their first fish. Our hatchery and trout stocking crews work hard to provide wonderful trout fishing for everyone. There are special areas spread around the state that are stocked with trout and set aside just for our younger anglers.

The much anticipated opening day of the 2019 spring trophy striped bass season has come and gone without much fanfare, and now fishermen can settle down and wait for the post-spawn striped bass to exit the spawning rivers in the next couple of weeks.

If you’re catching and releasing your striped bass, be sure to follow measures for helping protect the population.

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Maryland Fishing Report – April 17

Photo of man holding up a striped bass he caught.

Matt Beam holds up a striped bass caught this past weekend during the catch-and-release season. Photo by Travis Long

Saturday, April 20, marks the much-anticipated opening day of the 2019 trophy striped bass season. Captains and crews have been working overtime getting their boats ready for this weekend, from the largest charter boats to private boats parked on trailers in driveways. Good luck to all but be patient — many post-spawn striped bass are still making the journey downriver from their spawning sites.

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Maryland Fishing Report – April 10

Photo of boy holding trout

Five year old Emmett Jackson got to go trout fishing on the Patapsco River with his older brother Hunter and dad recently. Emmitt proudly holds up some of the trout he caught. Photo by John Jackson

The generous stocking of trout by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources hatchery program has brought countless smiles to the faces of trout fishermen, young and old. These fish are being stocked in waters near you.

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