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Maryland Fishing Report – August 14

Photo of man with northern snakehead

Photo by Michael Carr

No matter how seasoned one is as a fishermen, catching a noteworthy fish brings out excitement that is too often suppressed deep within us. Our daily trials can take a toll on our sense of childlike fun. This photo made me smile and caused me to relive a few moments that I shared with friends when catching a truly exciting fish. Fishing brings joy, no matter how the fish is taken or if it is an invasive fish that carries the distinctive name of northern snakehead.

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Maryland Fishing Report – August 7

Photo of Boy with a snakehead he caught

Photo by Eric Packard

Just like us humans, fish are seeking relief from the summer heat wherever they can find it, and some fish are more tolerant of high temperatures than others. Many anglers have chosen to curtail fishing for striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay this month and are enjoying other fishing opportunities.

Spanish mackerel, bluefish, white perch and spot are providing plenty of fun fishing action for bay anglers. There is plenty of fishing action to be had in the Ocean City area, and species such as northern snakeheads, blue catfish, and other freshwater fish are providing plenty of often overlooked opportunities.

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Maryland Fishing Report – July 31

Photo of angler with state record 72.8 lb. dolphinfish

Jeff Wright was fishing off Ocean City recently when he caught this 72.8-pound bull (male) dolphin, a massive fish by any standards. Congratulations to Jeff, captain and crew for such a fine catch. Photo by Alfred Hughes.

Maryland offers a wide variety of exciting fishing opportunities to those who fish her waters. We are pleasantly reminded of the amazing resources that are available to us when an extraordinary specimen is recognized as a state record. These listings keep a permanent record and help promote those resources.

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Maryland Fishing Report – July 24

Photo of men on a boat with a golden tilefish

Jeffery Peregoy shows us what can be pulled from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean with this large golden tilefish. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Peregoy

Maryland offers a wide variety of fishing adventures right now, from the western mountains to the deep ocean waters of the Atlantic.

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Maryland Fishing Report – July 17

Young Isaac had a great day fishing for white perch recently in his own kayak.

Young Isaac had a great day fishing for white perch in his own kayak. Photo by Eric Packard

Summertime fun is settled in throughout Maryland. It’s great to see children whose parent, relative or guardian can take them fishing or crabbing, enjoying all that the Maryland outdoors has to offer.

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Maryland Fishing Report – July 10

Photo of boys with a jumbo blue crab

Brothers Andrew, Nikolaus and Nathan Vogel enjoyed some crabbing off their grandparents’ dock on Rock Creek in Pasadena, and pose with a jumbo 8.5-inch crab. Photo by Josh Vogel

Few things in Maryland speak of summer more than Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, although local sweet corn might be a close second.


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Maryland Fishing Report – July 3

Photo of a man fishing from a kayak

This confident angler among the larger boats reminded fishing report author Keith Lockwood of an old verse. Photo by Keith Lockwood

Anyone who has ventured to the Bay Bridge in the past few weeks knows you will see all kinds of boats fishing the bridge piers. Some remind one of the opening verse of the Fisherman’s Prayer, which President John F. Kennedy kept inscribed on a block of wood on his desk in the Oval Office, and Admiral Rickover was rumored to present it to every new submarine captain: “Oh Lord thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.” Whatever means you have, it’s a great time to get out fishing.

July 4 is the last free fishing day of the 2019 season. This is a great opportunity to take someone who has shown some interest in fishing but has been hesitant to give it a try. It’s a golden opportunity to take someone fishing without them worrying about buying a fishing license.

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Maryland Fishing Report – June 26

Bob Bruns was fishing recently and found this beautiful striped bass at the end of a rainbow

Bob Bruns was fishing at the Bay Bridge recently and found this beautiful striped bass at the end of a rainbow. Photo by Travis Long

We’ve all heard the saying about finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In the past couple weeks, fishermen on the bay and freshwater areas have been dodging passing rain clouds, but were blessed with the sight of a pretty rainbow.

A serious problem that pains any fisherman to see is dead striped bass floating in the bay, and the scene becomes more common as air and bay water temperatures rise. This time of the year some of these fish are dying not so much from hook injury, but the stress of being brought to the boat. Studies have shown that decreasing the time one takes to bring a fish to the boat can improve fish survival. Use heavy tackle, flattening the barbs on your jigs or lures to quicken your release, and also release the fish without removing it from the water.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is launching a new awareness campaign to reduce striped bass mortality during the summer fishing season. A color-coded recommendation system will advise of fishing conditions, allowing anglers to plan their striped bass fishing trips up to seven days in advance. 

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Maryland Fishing Report – June 19

Five year old Vinny Spilker caught this white perch while visiting his uncle recently.

Five year old Vinny Spilker caught this white perch while visiting his uncle recently. Photo by Herb Floyd

When introducing young children to fishing, it’s important they see action to keep their attention. Go after species such as bluegills and white perch, which are always ready to step up to the plate.

One more license-free fishing day is scheduled this year on July 4. It’s a perfect opportunity to get someone started on their own fishing adventures!

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Maryland Fishing Report – June 12

Photo of a man and his son hauling in a big catch

Photo by Keith Lockwood

This is a special weekend for sons and daughters to celebrate their love for the fathers – or father figures in their lives — who help them to appreciate the gifts of the outdoors. No doubt many will take out the gear this weekend and share that special time together that fishing provides. Happy Father’s Day!

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