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Ombudsman’s List of Readily Available Documents & Proactive Disclosure Policy

Pursuant to § 4-104 of the General Provisions Article of Maryland’s Annotated Code, the Office of the Public Access Ombudsman provides the following policy of proactive disclosure:

It is the Ombudsman’s policy to publish via the Office’s website all records that the Ombudsman believes may be of interest to the public and that are fully disclosable under the law.  These records include, but are not limited to, the documents and material already posted on the Ombudsman’s website, such as:

  • Program statistical and narrative reports published by the Office.
  • Official publications of the Office, such as those that may be mandated by the Maryland General Assembly or other legal authority.
  • Training materials and educational resources related to the Maryland Public Information Act produced by the Office.
  • Records retention schedules of the Office.
  • Regulations adopted by the Office.
  • Testimony by the Office before the General Assembly.

The following types of documents are published by the Office of the Public Access Ombudsman, and are available on the Ombudsman’s website, free of charge, and without need of a formal PIA request:

Published Reports of the Office of the Public Access Ombudsman

Statistical Program Reports

Published Comments of the Office of the Public Access Ombudsman

Open Matters – Blog Posts

Tip Sheets

PIA Training Materials

Utilized by the Office of the Public Access Ombudsman in Presentations During the past calendar year in 2018. The following documents are published by the Office of the Public Access Ombudsman, and are immediately available upon request.

Video of PIA Training conducted by the Ombudsman with Judge Carey at MML Academy for Excellence in Local Government Conference on 10/9/20. Published with the permission of MML. Note. The Academy cannot give course credit for those who did not participate in the live version. PIA Part I,  PIA Part II 11/4/20


  • Town of Boonsboro, and surrounding Municipalities, 2/7/19
  • Wicomico County State’s Attorney’s Office, 4/5/19
  • Prince George’s County Law Office, 4/25/19
  • Harford County State’s Attorney’s Office, 6/7/19
  • Bowie State Police and town clerk, 6/11/19
  • Jessup Correctional Institution, Veterans of JCI, 7/10/19


  • American Association of Law Librarians, 2018 Annual Meeting, July 14-17, 2018
  • Department of Health, October 9, 2018 (Boards), and November 30, 2018 (New Employees)
  • City of Greenbelt, October 18, 2018
  • Maryland Association of Counties, November 14, 2018

Record Management Documents

  • Office of the Public Access Ombudsman Record Retention Schedule – immediately available upon request.
    • Date: 01/23/2017
    • Archives Location: 01/66/13/088/S00
    • Schedule No: 2810
    • MSA Citation: S1468-3980
  • Certificates of Destruction. Prepared Pursuant to Record Retention Schedules
  • Records Officer Designee pursuant to the Annotated Code of Maryland Article 10, section 610.
    • 9/4/18 Letter – immediately available upon request.

Additional PIA Resources