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Request Mediation

For assistance with a dispute between a requester and an agency, please contact the Public Access Ombudsman by filing out the form below.

    Excessive feeDenial of fee waiver requestDocuments withheldDocuments redactedNo responseOverly broad requestRepetitive or redundant requestsOther

    Download documents you may need to participate in the mediation process. For your information, the packet includes Tips for a Successful Mediation, and Tips for Making and Responding to a PIA Request. Also available are items you may need to review and understand prior to the beginning of the mediation process.

    Information Packet

    In our experience, mediation requires the parties to abide by certain ground rules or standards of conduct that facilitate candid and respectful communication throughout the process including:
    Approaching the mediation with an open mind and willingness to consider the other party’s point of view;

    • Maintaining the confidentiality of all mediation communications;
    • Respecting the Ombudsman’s role as a neutral facilitator;
    • Understanding that the mediation process is entirely voluntary and can be terminated by either party, or the mediator, at any time.

    For more information on these ground-rules, please feel free to review the Ombudsman’s regulations or view the Maryland Register listing of the final regulations. For more information on the Ombudsman program, contact our office at 410‐576‐6560 or by email at If you prefer to mail paper documents, please send them to:

    Lisa Kershner
    Public Access Ombudsman
    Office of the Attorney General
    200 St Paul Place 25th Floor
    Baltimore MD 21202