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Caught Doing Great Service

April 2017 Honorees

May 17, 2017
Lisa Brittain celebrates her 30-year service milestone with DGS this year. She’s a Computer Information Specialist in the FPDC Management Information Division. She provides a valuable behind-the-scenes service to the Design & Construction divisions, keeping track of all of their data – mountains of data! She makes sure all of  ...Learn more

March 2017 Honorees

May 17, 2017
Randolph Wilson is an energy administrator in the Energy Office. His work to identify opportunities to reduce energy use in state buildings is extremely important, and he works exceptionally hard with the 52 executive agencies to develop and complete their agency energy plans. He coordinates with MEA to review and  ...Learn more

February 2017 Honorees

May 16, 2017
Cathe Anderson, who has over 20 years in state government, joined DGS in 2014 as the Statewide Disposal Manager. In this position, she determines the disposition of excess/surplus property for the entire state. One of her biggest challenges was the removal of the excess/surplus property left at Crownsville from DHCD’s  ...Learn more

January 2017 Honoree

May 16, 2017
Cristen Ervin, Outreach and Training Coordinator in the Office of Administration, is an outstanding team member who regularly goes above and beyond her duties. She can be expected to complete every assignment efficiently and professionally. A self-motivated, focused and tireless employee, she completes tasks with alacrity. Her work on various projects,  ...Learn more

December 2016 Honorees

May 16, 2017
Angela Allen, Administrator for the Public Schools & Community Colleges team in FPDC, is always ready, willing and able to provide   needed information and guidance to any member of the Public Schools  and Community Colleges team. She is exceptionally organized and is    always available to assist local school systems with  ...Learn more

November 2016 Honorees

May 16, 2017
John Evianiak, the primary FPDC project manager of the Annapolis Complex, has seven years in state government, but is relatively new to DGS, having joined the agency in March 2016. With less than a year on the job, he expertly managed three emergency projects in Annapolis: the Court of Appeals  ...Learn more

October 2016 Honorees

May 16, 2017
Charles Clark, a maintenance supervisor with FOM is regularly complimented by   Juvenile Services agents for going above and beyond the call of duty while maintaining a positive attitude. “Never in a bad mood.” “Always happy to help.” “I know I can count on you for whatever I need.” These  ...Learn more