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Caught Doing Great Service

March Caught DGS

March 19, 2018
Russell Miller, a construction engineer and area supervisor with the Construction Unit of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction, is a relatively new permanent employee; however, for the past two years he has been working on various projects in both the Eastern Region and Central Region of DGS Construction. Two projects  ...Learn more

February Caught DGS

March 19, 2018
Security Officer James Forrester has been with the Maryland Capitol Police for 14 years. Based with the Annapolis Detachment, he works the midnight shift and reports to work on time every night. Indeed, he has maintained perfect attendance since 2015. He can be counted on to perform his duties with due  ...Learn more

January 2018 Honorees

January 26, 2018
Private First Class (Pfc.) Vincent Kurek has been with the Maryland Capitol Police (MCP) Baltimore Detachment for 26 years. He also served in the National Guard for 20 years (1984 – 2004). Officer Kurek works the evening shift and leads the Detachment in traffic enforcement. A team player, he is  ...Learn more

December Honorees

January 18, 2018
Security Officer Gwenda McGowan celebrated 18 years of service on January 18; she was hired in 2000 as a temporary building guard trainee. In her determination to expand her knowledge and improve her skills, Officer McGowan has earned three different certificates from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) from courses she  ...Learn more

November Honorees

December 18, 2017
Jane Bailey, Program Manager/BPW Liaison in the Procurement & Logistics division, retired on December 1 after nine years of exemplary service. During her tenure, she provided extraordinary value to the P&L team. Thanks to her work ethic, reliability and resilience, the division kept pace with the state’s construction and Architecture/Engineering  ...Learn more

October Honorees

November 6, 2017
Officer Asia Alexander has been with the Annapolis Detachment for almost two years. She is self-motivated, a great team player and is always one of the first to help out with special events. She has been praised by her supervisors for always asking questions that will increase her knowledge and  ...Learn more

September Honorees

November 6, 2017
Chris Hobbs is a soft-spoken, results-driven individual who quietly takes on all kinds of tasks and performs each to the highest quality. He brings years of experience in the electrical field and his high standard of workmanship is evident. With the FOM State Office Complex for two years, Chris regularly  ...Learn more

August Honorees

November 6, 2017
Courteous Customer Service, Dedication to Duty, Professionalism and Competency… Jan Brown displays these characteristics when working in the Maryland Capitol Police (MCP) Annapolis Security Card Processing Center. Jan has been a state employee for 30 years, 23 of which have been with DGS. Prior to joining DGS, she worked with  ...Learn more

July Honorees

July 31, 2017
Since the beginning of time – well, not quite that long – verbal instructions to change construction work have been given to contractors with a promise to pay later. This process was deemed unavoidable, since massive amounts of equipment and manpower costs could be incurred if immediate decisions were not  ...Learn more


June 26, 2017
John Roche joined the Inner Harbor team from the private sector in March of 2016. He was a locksmith who just wasn’t comfortable charging people for helping them get into their cars or homes. His boss found out about a service call where John didn’t charge the customer; he was  ...Learn more