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Ombudsman & Supporting Cast


Lisa Kershner

Lisa Kershner, Ombudsman

Appointed by the MD Attorney General to a 4-year term, Lisa Kershner is Maryland’s first Public Access Ombudsman. Opening the Office on March 30, 2016, Ms. Kershner’s primary activity has been to help PIA requestors and responding agencies resolve PIA issues voluntarily through constructive dialogue and practical problem-solving. Ms. Kershner is a long-time resident of Maryland, a Maryland lawyer, and graduate of UMCP and the University of Maryland School of Law. She brings to the Ombudsman role prior experience representing requestors and custodians under the PIA and FOIA, as well as experience representing participants in many types of mediation and litigation. After years of litigation practice, Ms. Kershner most enjoys the opportunity to help requestors and agencies solve problems without litigation!

Vacant, Assistant Attorney General

OAG Vacancy Notice. Public Access Unit AAG. Deadline to Apply 08/17/20

Janice Clark

Janice Clark, Administrative Officer

Janice Clark is an Administrative Officer for the Office of the Attorney General Public Access Unit. In that capacity, she is your first point of contact to reach the Public Access Ombudsman or PIA Compliance Board. She is the Administrator for both of these programs as well as the Open Meetings Compliance Board. Ms. Clark has more than twenty years of professional experience working for the public good. A graduate of Mount Vernon College in Washington, DC, Ms. Clark makes a point of finding the joy in life.