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The Maryland Energy Administration Wants Your Help Part 2

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is working diligently to develop amended and updated regulations to ensure that our programs, the Residential Clean Energy Rebate Program, the  Commercial Clean Rebate Program, and the Clean Burning Wood and Pellet Stove Rebate Program are being fully and efficiently utilized. Regulations for these programs are found in the Code of Maryland Regulations, Title 14, Subtitle 26, Chapter 04 (COMAR 14.26.04). Please note, this is an update from our previous request for input on December 11, 2019

Some changes being considered are based on prior feedback from grantees, interested stakeholders, businesses, and homeowners.  Below are some specific areas where MEA is seeking stakeholder input on these programs.

  • Should the program be limited to residential properties that are the primary residence of the owner or should properties that are not the primary residence of the owner (e.g., rental property, second home, etc.) also be eligible?
  • Should residential properties owned by commercial entities or irrevocable trusts be eligible for a residential rebate?
  • If the owner of a residential property installs an additional, completely separate system of the same technology on the same property  (e.g., a 2nd solar photovoltaic system per property) should they potentially be eligible for a 2nd rebate?
  • Residential geothermal systems are currently capped at 10 tons of capacity, should this cap be potentially expanded for larger systems? 
  • Should there be an annual limit to the amount of incentive that a single commercial entity should be able to receive when submitting multiple projects in a single year?
  • Are there other program changes MEA should consider? 

Our work is far from done, and over the next few weeks MEA wants to hear from you regarding possible changes to these programs.

Through 11:59 PM Friday, February 7, 2020, public comments may be submitted to Help us be our very best!