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Bladensburg reduces energy use to saves money

Bladensburg‘s visitor center and its police department are now more energy efficient and comfortable. Thanks to the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) and theDepartment of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program, both visitors and staff of those buildings are helping Maryland reach the Maryland goal of reducing  …Learn more

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Startup Powers Maryland then Goes National

In just a few short years, a Maryland-based startup has surged onto the national electric vehicle (EV) scene. SemaConnect, founded by Annapolis-based entrepreneur Mahi Reddy, began designing and building charging stations for electric cars in 2009. Though the technology is highly sophisticated (it incorporates wide area networking, dynamic mesh networking,  …Learn more

Baltimore office building earns “High Performance Building Award”

After installing $1 million worth of energy efficiency upgrades, Seiberlich Traneacknowledged the One North Charles high-rise in downtown Baltimore with a “High Performance Building Award.” The aging office building had been in need of improvements for some time, and the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) helped make the project possible by  …Learn more

Vietnam Veteran Improves Comfort and Saves Money through Efficiency Upgrades

  Before making energy efficiency upgrades to his home, the only ways David Hale and his teenaged daughter could escape the heat were to duck into air-conditioned stores or to go swimming. During June, July, and August, they virtually never stopped sweating in their doublewide manufactured home in Deep Run  …Learn more

Landover Hills Homeowner Saves $352 in Annual Energy Costs

  Thanks in part to a grant issued by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA), Dottie Fratturelli was able to upgrade the insulation in her attic, improve the air sealing around her house, install CFLs, and replace her old refrigerator with a more energy efficient model. Not only was she grateful  …Learn more