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The Maryland Energy Administration Wants Your Help


The Maryland Energy Administration is listening, and we have heard you loud and clear! Help us write Maryland’s energy future.

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is working diligently to develop amended and updated regulations to ensure that our programs are being fully and efficiently utilized. The changes are largely based on the requests and feedback that we have received from grantees, interested stakeholders, businesses, and homeowners.

Already included in the requested changes is the inclusion of non-owner-occupied residences in our residential programs and an allowance for multiple projects on the same residential property. However, our work is far from done, over the next few weeks MEA will be finalizing the process and we want to hear from you regarding possible changes to existing renewable energy, energy storage, and energy efficiency programs.

Through 11:59 PM January 17, 2020, public comments may be submitted to Help us be our very best!

NOTE: Another request for comment has been made, click here.