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Maryland Park Service Rangers Bring Bald Eagles to the White House

Rehabilitated eagles are ambassadors for environmental action and the Endangered Species Act Two winged representatives from the Maryland Park Service attended the White House this month. Rehabilitated bald eagles Buck and Mo, along with a contingent of Maryland Park Service Rangers, were invited to the White House to celebrate the anniversary of the Endangered Species  Read the Rest…

Chesapeake Logperch Targeted for Restoration

Federal Funds Awarded to Multistate Recovery Effort The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is part of a team of conservation agencies that was awarded a federal competitive State Wildlife Grant over the next two years to work toward the recovery of Chesapeake logperch in the Susquehanna River basin.

Coastal Residents and Visitors Urged to Report Stranded Marine Life

Marine Mammals, Sea Turtles Protected by Law Maryland’s tidal waters are visited by a variety of aquatic wildlife. Unfortunately, some of these animals find themselves stranded along the state’s shoreline, particularly between May and October. Since 1990, Maryland’s Stranding Response Program has documented strandings of 25 species of marine mammals and four species of sea turtles.  Read the Rest…