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Anne Arundel County Bureau of Utility Operations Complex Goes Solar

On August 11, 2021, the Maryland Board of Public Works (BPW) approved a $3 million grant to fund a solar energy project that will provide nearly all of the electricity needed to power the Anne Arundel County government operations center.

The solar power system grant is funded by the Energy-Water Infrastructure Program (EWIP). Managed by the Maryland Department of the Environment, EWIP provides  capital to water and wastewater treatment plant owners looking to develop energy-efficient and resilient projects. This includes combined heat and power (CHP) systems, other clean energy sources, and the replacement of aging equipment with newer, more energy efficient technologies. The program focuses on promoting onsite waste-to-energy power generation by commissioning new CHP systems, installing more efficient water pumps, undertaking energy efficiency measures and using other clean energy sources. 

To read more about the Anne Arundel solar photovoltaic system and EWIP, please visit the Maryland Department of Environment website.

Funding for EWIP comes from the Strategic Energy Investment Fund (SEIF), with the mission to decrease energy demand and increase energy supply to promote affordable, reliable, and clean energy. On behalf of the state, the Maryland Energy Administration administers the SEIF by implementing grants and programs, some of which are executed by other state agencies. For more information about the SEIF, please visit our website.