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Earth Day 2021 & Bring Your Kids & Pets to Work Day

Earth Day 2021 is also Bring Your Kids (+ pets) to Work Day and the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is excited to combine the both to help share some clean energy facts and free resources for students K-12. We are excited to share several STEM career related videos to highlight career opportunities that support clean energy.

Read below for online Earth Day student resources:

Elementary school student games and activities:

Energy Match Game 

Energy Coloring Sheets from the National Energy Education Department (

Find the renewable energy sources or find the nonrenewable energy sources (correct guesses fill in with color)

Use thermal energy exchange and kinetic energy to make ice cream

Make a solar energy oven from a pizza box 

Try your hand at some energy origami

Calculate your home carbon footprint

Learn how to manage home energy use

Middle & High school student activities and resources:

Switch Energy Alliance Energy Education

Wind Works Challenge

Build an Anemometer

Interested in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math career? Check out STEM career pathways or watch some STEM career interviews

Learn more about Geothermal energy

Learn more about Wind energy

Learn more about Solar energy

Learn more about Hydro energy

Learn more about Biomass energy

Learn more about Department of Energy videos

Happy Earth Day / Bring Your Kids to Work Day from MEA.