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Congratulations to the Maryland Energy Administration Employee of the Year and Director Award Winners

In recognition of Brandon Bowser’s outstanding performance, exemplary dedication, and positive and inspiring attitude the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) has named him Employee of the Year for 2020. Brandon manages both the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and Resilient Maryland programs at MEA. Prior to his current role, Brandon was an Associate Energy Manager for Resource Energy, a commercial real estate energy consulting firm where he managed a team of Energy Analysts in the Utility Redistribution department. In addition to his personnel management duties, Brandon performed utility consumption and cost recovery analysis on a diverse portfolio of commercial retail properties across the United States, managed client enrollment in programs to reduce demand, assisted clients with benchmarking commercial properties to understand their energy consumption and sought reductions in energy consumption.

Brandon’s experience in the private sector enables him to bring key perspectives on the needs of customers as well as innovations in processes and programs that enhance MEA’s offerings. Brandon has also previously served at MEA, during which time he managed the Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural, Low-to-Moderate Income Energy Efficiency, and Clean Energy Rebate program. He holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and a Bachelor’s Degree in Energy Business and Finance, both from Penn State University. Brandon has a deep passion for helping organizations take control of their energy management options through the installation of clean and resilient energy systems.


Brandon is the team member who never runs out of energy, constantly working to create new innovative programs while communicating the value of energy technologies and programs to audiences across the state as well as national conferences and venues. Brandon received the 2nd Quarter Director’s Award for his projects, like the new Resilient Maryland pilot he created that is now a full fledged MEA grant program,as well as two related webinars on energy resilience and CHP. Brandon also created a CHP resource guide that has been referenced by the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection.

Learn more about a Maryland CHP project in action here or see Brandon explain a CHP project at a local farm here. Read more about why resilient energy is a vital part of our energy future here.  

First Quarter Director’s Award
Kytson McNeil, Ph.D. is an Energy Policy Manager working in the policy division at Maryland Energy Administration and oversees MEA’s efforts related to the Empower Maryland proceedings at the Maryland Public Service Commission. Dr. McNeil received this award for his tireless efforts to manage energy regulatory efforts that protect Maryland ratepayers. Kytson has several years’ experience in the areas of policy research, energy regulation, retail electricity pricing, and utility rate development and operations.  He holds a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Delaware and a Ph.D. in Policy Studies from Clemson University. 

Second Quarter Director’s Award
Brandon Bowser (see above)

Third Quarter Director’s Award
Mike Jones is the third quarter director’s award winner and serves as the MEA Transportation Program Manager as well as the Coordinator for Maryland Clean Cities. Mike manages an array of  programs which aim to displace transportation-related petroleum use and reduce emissions while stimulating economic growth and transforming the market for clean fuel vehicles. Mike is widely recognized as a preeminent subject matter expert in his field by key public and private sector transportation stakeholders.  Prior to his time at the MEA, Mike interned at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where he supported multiple projects which sought to help states use renewable energy and energy efficiency to meet air quality standards. Mike graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Policy, along with a minor in Sustainability Studies. While at the University of Maryland, he was a Fellow of the Federal Semester Program, a selective year-long program which aims to develop insight into federal energy and environmental policy. 

Mike is not only a dedicated program manager, he is a subject matter expert on all things related to alternative transportation. Mike represents MEA and the State of Maryland on numerous transportation task force groups on topics ranging from the Maryland Volkswagen Mitigation Plan and Zero-Emission Vehicles. Mike’s work at MEA makes a huge and long lasting impact for all Marylanders and is instrumental in the state receiving national praise for our efforts to expand electric vehicles (EV).

Fourth Quarter Director’s Award
Jessica Wakefield is the MEA fourth quarter director’s award winner and the bedrock of MEA’s finance team. Jessica was honored in 2020 with the fourth quarter director’s award for her work with end of fiscal year accounting, planning and budgeting. Jessica’s efforts in 2020 were even more impressive as she took on interim department leadership along with migrating new financial responsibilities in-house on top of her normal duties. Additionally, Jessica helped to train and onboard three new finance department team members in 2020. Jessica continues to wow our agency and we are truly fortunate to have her on our team.