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Maryland Energy Data Point – Solar Parking Canopies

Did you know that installation of a solar parking canopy enables renewable energy production, and provides a secondary use of a parking lot encouraging solar deployment in developed areas? As an added bonus, cars parked underneath are protected from the weather. Dual use structures like solar parking canopies are just one of the many energy programs offered by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA)

The MEA Solar Parking Canopy grant states that electric vehicle (EV) charging stations must be incorporated on each project and this helps to further expand our state’s EV charging infrastructure. A large and easily accessible EV charging network is essential to alleviate “range anxiety” or the fear that the driver will not be able to reach its destination. 

Last year, Tower-Dawson LLC in Rockville, MD received an award for a solar canopy that once completed will generate an estimated 571 kilowatts of energy which is enough to power 61 Maryland homes for an entire year. 

To learn more about MEA programs or how our funding is distributed under the Strategic Energy Infrastructure Fund, visit us at