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Maryland Energy Data Point – Electric Vehicle Chargers

In 2020 alone, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) helped add 996 new electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the state. Expanding Maryland’s EV charging infrastructure is critical to reaching our state’s goal of 300,000 zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) on the roads by 2025.Replacing traditional fossil fuel cars with ZEVs will improve Maryland’s air quality. Just over 25,742 EVs are registered in the state and Maryland is working to convert the state’s fleet vehicles. The total cost of EV ownership is lower due to lower maintenance cost and cheaper fuel / charging options. 

A large and easily accessible EV charging network is essential to alleviate “range anxiety” which is the fear that the driver will not be able to reach its destination. Eliminated range anxiety will help to encourage more drivers to consider purchasing an EV.  To date, MEA has helped incentivize over 4,800 public and residential chargers via programs like the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate Program, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program, and the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program.

Maryland was just ranked 4th in the nation for the state’s action to expand EV use. Read more here

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