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Maryland’s Decade of Energy Efficiency – Nationally Ranked Top 10 State Since 2011

Maryland moved up on the scorecard again in 2020 to #6


For the 10th consecutive year in a row, Maryland is ranked in the Top 10 for national energy efficiency. The 50-state scorecard, plus the District of Columbia, from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) began their national energy scorecard listing in 2006 and is based on data collected from states, utilities, and numerous publicly available sources. Maryland scored 34.5 points out of a possible 50 points, moving up to #6 , our highest ranking yet. The top ranking states are as follows: California (1), Massachusetts (#2), Vermont (#3), Rhode Island (#4), New York (#5), Maryland (#6), Connecticut (#7), Washington, DC (#8), and Minnesota and Oregon (tied for #9), click here for more. 

Maryland truly leads by example in the energy sector thanks to the combined efforts from the state government, local government and utility partners. Maryland utilities have consistently increased efficiency programs to reach our annual 2% energy reduction goal.  Maryland has long targeted building energy efficiency and statutorily requires the adoption of the most up-to-date energy codes. Additionally, Governor Larry Hogan’s 2019 Executive Order amplified energy savings targets for state-owned buildings of 10% savings by 2029 (based on the fiscal year 2018 baseline data) and was backed by HB 662. All of these efforts demonstrate our strong commitment to energy efficiency. Investing in energy efficiency creates significant savings which can be immediately reinvested. 

In 2020, Maryland was recognized for energy-saving targets along with Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont for adopting efficiency programs which save over 2% of retail sales; the highest countrywide. Maryland is one of 27 states that has embraced some form of energy efficiency resource standard.

The state also received praise in the vehicle efficiency category for taking on California’s Low-Emission Vehicle standards and Zero-Emission Vehicle program. Maryland is one of 12 states focusing on transportation advances and was highlighted for state goals to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions.

See the full Maryland 2020 scorecard below: