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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Resource Guide

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) developed a new resource guide on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to fully explain this dynamic technology. CHP systems combine technologies to maximize energy efficiency and reduce waste. Traditional fossil fuel power plants run only at a 33% level of efficiency but a CHP system can operate at an 80% efficiency level. 

CHP is a technology that provides continuous electricity and thermal energy from a single fuel source to power a facility’s operations. CHP systems provide a clean, efficient, affordable and resilient energy solution and  come in many different forms, sizes, and setups, designed to meet the unique energy needs of each facility they power. Click below to read the full resource guide.

Combined Heat & Power Resource Guide

BWMC’s Laura Kautz explaining the to Governor Hogan how the CHP powers the hospital to run efficiently year round photo credit Maryland GovPics

For a look back at some of the CHP projects in Maryland that MEA has helped enable via our CHP grant, click here. Last December, Governor Hogan joined MEA for a tour of the Baltimore Washington Medical Center’s Combined Heat & Power System, see more here

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