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Maryland Energy Administration support for grantees during COVID-19 emergency

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) stands united with Governor Hogan and its partner agencies to keep Marylanders safe and healthy while continuing to provide the same great services during the unprecedented COVID-19 emergency. MEA operations have run continuously during the COVID-19 emergency to ensure that Maryland businesses and residents are able to benefit from the suite of energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicle charging, and other incentives offered. 


MEA is taking action to help with challenges that communities and  organizations across our state are facing, including the impact of COVID-19 on the energy services industries that help Marylanders achieve clean, affordable and reliable energy. Effective immediately, MEA has implemented the following measures to provide assistance in this difficult time:


  • Transitioning to all electronic applications and grant ratification, which will reduce or eliminate handling of mail. For situations where a customer cannot participate via electronic means, please call us at 410-537-4000 or 800-72-ENERGY.


  • Permitting non-state government participants in the Jane E. Lawton Loan Energy Efficiency Program to defer payment through January 5, 2021; most customers pay on an annual or semi-annual basis. This loan provides eligible borrowers low or no interest capital to install energy conservation measures and improvements in their facilities. Borrowers then use the cost savings generated by those improvements to offset the cost of repaying the loans. This relief gives businesses, local governments and nonprofits participating in the program the option of freeing up cash flow for other critical needs.


  • Allowing grantees receiving service or similar grants to take larger draws of the indirect cost and administrative allowances in their grants for planning, program, oversight, rents, leases and other expenses. The amount will vary by program, but will help grantees such as local governments and nonprofits maintain staffing throughout this state of emergency.


  • Acknowledging that current projects may experience delays, MEA will be flexible with all grantees and others on deadlines and milestones. MEA will provide grant extensions until January 5, 2021. MEA will consider longer requests on a case-by-case basis.


  • The new Resilient Maryland Pilot has received an extraordinary amount of interest since its launch. The program  provides funding for design and planning of clean energy technologies such as advanced combined heat and power, microgrids, resiliency hubs and resilient facility power systems. Any organization seeking affordable and clean energy that is highly reliable and resilient is eligible. This program will assist in providing power resiliency in the event of a power emergency like Superstorm Sandy.


  • Working to accelerate the launch of key programs that can help keep the energy industry up and running, and supplying much needed and high paying jobs. The Maryland Energy Infrastructure Investment Program (MEIP) is helping to mobilize jobs and create economic development in underserved areas of Maryland, and delivering affordable, reliable, cleaner energy. Programs like MEIP can help inject capital into projects resulting in job retention and creation, all while lowering energy bills. 


  • Acknowledging that many potential program participants may not have been able to apply for our programs in FY20 due to the COVID-19 emergency, MEA will  reach out to stakeholders and potential grantees to make sure they are aware of our FY21 programs and the investment and cost savings these programs provide.


MEA is looking to the future, and will be a partner to help businesses, residents, and  service providers during this exceptionally difficult time. We are actively seeking ideas of how MEA programs and efforts can help. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas at DLInfo_MEA@maryland.govor call us at 410-537-4000 or 800-72-ENERGY.