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Governor Hogan Promotes Maryland Clean Cars Act at Nation’s First Fully Converted Gas-to-Electric Charging Station

From left: Takoma Park Councilmember Peter Kovar, Takoma Park Councilmember Kacy Kostiuk, RS Automotive Owner Depeswar Doley, Governor Larry Hogan, EVI Presdient Matthew Wade, MVA Administrator Chrissy Nizer and MEA Director Mary Beth Tung photo credit Maryland GovPics

Yesterday, Governor Larry Hogan promoted his Clean Cars initiative at RS Automotive in Takoma Park, home to the first fully converted gas-to-electric station in the USA. The Clean Cars Act of 2020 would extend the Clean Cars tax credit for electric vehicles until 2023 and double its funding to $12 million.

photo credit GovPics

“RS Automotive is a perfect example of how Maryland is on the cutting edge of smart environmental initiatives,” said Governor Hogan. “Our Clean Cars initiative has been incredibly successful, and we are urging the legislature to work with us to extend the program and make it accessible to more Marylanders.”

MEA Director and RS Automotive owner Doley join Governor Hogan inside the EV repair garage at RS Automotive photo credit GovPics

Chargers at RS Automotive were funded in part via the Maryland Energy Administration’s (MEA) Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program (AFIP) in partnership with Electric Vehicle Institute (EVI). EVI received a $786,000 AFIP grant in  FY18, which was used to support the purchase of 16 DC fast chargers for seven locations across the state. The four chargers at RS Automotive were funded under this award. Incentives from the Maryland Energy Administration paid for approximately 35% of the project costs ($197,000) for the RS automotive charging center at RS Automotive.  

The AFIP develops public access, alternative fuel refilling/charging infrastructure throughout the state. Each year, the AFIP helps to displace millions of gallons of petroleum.

Maryland has 1,800 public electric chargers currently available photo credit GovPics

Currently in Maryland, there are nearly 25,000 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the road and 1,800 public electric chargers available. The Maryland Energy Administration has helped incentivize over 1,000 public and residential chargers.

MEA transportation energy manager Mike Jones with the MEA hybrid. MEA like many state agencies was a early adopter of clean car technology photo credit GovPics

MEA will soon announce the award of 7 new DC fast chargers like the chargers at RS Automotive along with other alternative fuel infrastructure support as the result of this year’s competitive program. 

Governor Hogan with Takoma Park police officers photo credit GovPics


Special thanks to everyone at RS Automotive and the entire city team of Takoma Park for making this event possible.

photo credit GovPics