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Maryland Board of Public Works Addresses Energy Reduction in State Owned Buildings

By Chris Russell, Energy Program Manager
On February 19, the State Board of Public Works took a large step in enabling the reduction of energy waste in state facilities. The BPW approved without discussion a master contract proposed by the Maryland Department of General Services to secure vendors that would install a network of energy sub-meters in the State’s own facilities.  This initiative is facilitated in part by a $1.5 million grant from the Maryland Energy Administration, which in turn re-purposed these funds from a grant of federal funds from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Sub-metering of energy – that is, the capacity to track electricity, gas, water, and other utility consumption data in detail and in real time – allows unprecedented control of energy expenses. This initiative directly enables Governor Hogan’s Executive Order 01.01.2019.8, which directs State agencies to achieve a 10% reduction in utility consumption by 2029, compared to a 2018 baseline. Because the State spends over $210 million per year on utilities, 10% savings are a meaningful reduction in taxpayer burden.  Investment in energy sub-meters is a “gift that keeps giving,” as a one-time installation of meters can detect performance anomalies for years to come.  Also, the detailed time series data generated by these meters allows the State to more accurately scale its open-market energy purchases while also making more accurate feasibility studies for upgrades of new energy-consuming assets.

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