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Sunnier Days Ahead For A Poultry Farmer Thanks to Energy Efficiency

By Dean Fisher, Energy Program Manager

Clifton G. “Sunshine” Taylor III Maryland Energy Administration grantee

Clifton G. “Sunshine” Taylor III has a sunnier outlook on his poultry farm production these days thanks to his recently completed energy efficiency upgrades. Using his 2018 Kathleen A.P. Mathias Agriculture Energy Efficiency Program award, Mr. Sunshine Taylor was able to partially offset the costs of his energy efficiency measures, estimated to save him more than 4000 gallons of propane and almost $6,000 a year! The project involving sealing air leaks, installing canvas end door covers and more efficient heaters is estimated to pay for itself in savings (simple payback) in less than six years.

When asked what he will spend the savings on, Sunshine states that it is a “bigger paycheck to spend on better improvements.” The improvements help him produce better and healthier birds, food for tables, and the creation of local jobs – all rays of sunshine for a poultry farmer.

Similar opportunities with grant awards up to $100,000 exist for other farmers in Maryland. The Maryland Energy Administration is providing the FY20 Commercial, Industrial, & Agricultural Grant Program to support improving the energy efficiency and reducing the energy costs of enterprises in Maryland’s commercial, industrial, and agricultural sector. The program re-opens for applications October 16, 2019 and applications are due no later than January 15, 2020. To learn more, visit the program web page here.