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Maryland’s Clean Energy Rebate Program offers savings for homeowners and businesses investing in solar or geothermal upgrades

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) FY 20 Clean Energy Rebate Program, formerly the Clean Energy Grant Program is now open and accepting applications.  This rebate program serves both the residential and a commercial markets.  A total of $2,600,000 dollars is available for residential applications and $200,000 dollars has allotted for commercial applications.

Please note, incentive rates in the FY 20 commercial program have changed significantly.  The incentives increase smoothly as the size of the project increases.  The monetary caps have increased significantly, and in the case of solar photovoltaic systems, the maximum array size has increased from 200 kW to 250 kW.  Commercial applicants now have a choice of a two step or a one step process.  Under a two step process the applicant provides an application before the project is constructed.  If approved, MEA will ensure the project funding remains available over the term of the commitment letter (normally 6 months).  Once the project is completed the applicant submits a completion certification and receives the rebate.  Under the one step process, the applicant completes the project and then submits a completion certificate.  If the project is approved and money remains available from funding approved for the fiscal year, MEA will pay the rebate.

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