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New Cycle of the Solar PV Parking Canopy Grant Now Open

Parking canopy at University of Maryland, dedicated in October 2017. MEA provided a grant to help fund part of this project. photo credit UMD office of Sustainability

The Fiscal Year 20 Parking Lot Solar PV Canopy with EV Charger Grant  combines Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard goal for solar with the State’s ongoing support of electric vehicle infrastructure. A total of $2 million dollars has been allocated for this grant and the application deadline is Friday, September 6, 2019. Click here to get full grant details and application.

Fitzgerald Auto Mall parking structure solar canopy was partially funded by MEA. Photo credit Fitzgerald Auto Mall

This program is open to businesses, government agencies and non-profits in Maryland.  Up to to $400 per kW (DC) of canopy mounted solar PV per project, with a maximum cap of $200,000 per project is available.

There is a significant amount of parking lot space in Maryland, in urban lots and garages, as well as in the large parking areas associated with shopping centers and businesses of less densely populated suburban areas. The Program  captures some of the unrealized potential of these facilities by installing solar photovoltaics while still allowing parking services to be offered.

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