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Flintrock Farm Uses Maryland State Energy Grant to Foster Better Environmental Stewardship

Dan Heller, owner of Flintrock Farm

by Dean Fisher, Program Manager

Dan Heller, owner of Flintrock Farm in Church Hill on Maryland’s Eastern Shore has placed an emphasis on best practices for environmental stewardship for his farms. Via a 2018 Maryland Energy Administration’s (MEA) Kathleen A.P. Mathias Agriculture Energy Efficiency Program award Heller’s poultry facility will be able to reduce the farm’s propane consumption by 13 % by converting the sidewall curtains to solid sidewalls, and adding R12 insulation in wall cavity to seal air leaks.

Flintrock Farm’s once outdated poultry houses are now updated with new weatherization upgrades and additional energy efficiency measures like:

“This is an opportunity for us to emulate and emphasize our farm business values of stewardship of natural resources,” explained Heller. “The opportunity to undertake this project will simultaneously increase the energy efficiency of our farm while providing for a more viable farming business now and in the future. We have these upgrades along with switching to antibiotic free poultry to promote our farm business stewardship value,” concluded Heller.

To see a more detailed of the energy upgrades, see the chart below: