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Phat Chix & Smile More Poultry Farms Benefit from Energy Saving Grant

by Dean Fisher, Program Manager

Ariann Le is a poultry farmer on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore. She balances raising her family while raising chickens. Thanks to a 2017 Kathleen A. P. Mathias Agriculture Energy Efficiency Program grant award she was able to install multiple energy efficiency measures that will help her stay competitive and save approximately $7,000 in estimated annual energy savings.

“As a female farmer this is a tremendous help for my poultry business. The support offered by the Maryland Energy Administration extended beyond just financial to all the other services offered through the program that helped me realize and benefit from these energy upgrades and savings. This grant has enabled me to meet my goals for the farm and the money saved will enable me to reinvest into other more efficient practices on my farm.”

With four poultry houses of Phat Chix and four additional houses at Smile More farm saving energy and money, Ariann is smiling more these days too.