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Maryland Energy Administration Increased Funding of Animal Waste to Energy Grant to $6 Million Dollars for Fiscal Year 2019

Contact: Jahmai Sharp-Moore | 443-694-3651

Baltimore, MD – The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) announces a $2 million increase in funding for the Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) Animal Waste to Energy Grant Program (AWE Grant Program). Up to $6 million two Areas of Interest (AOI) – on-farm/pilot scale and a community/regional scale is now available. An additional $2 million in funding via the Strategic Investment Fund (SEIF) has been allocated for animal waste to energy projects selected by the Maryland Department of Agriculture for FY19 brining the state’s total support of animal biofuels to $8 million in FY19.

“Our administration’s support for animal waste-to-energy projects is among the highest in the country,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “This funding will help enable the necessary public and private partnerships required to advance this valuable renewable source and further secure Maryland’s standing as a leader in biofuels.”

Replacing fossil fuels with biofuels can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, decrease dependence on foreign fuel supply and can become a revenue stream for farms. Compared to exhaustible fossil fuels, biofuels are produced from renewable feedstocks which could be indefinitely sustainable.

“The Animal Waste to Energy Grant encourages energy innovation while addressing concerns of Maryland farmers,” said Director of the Maryland Energy Administration, Mary Beth Tung.

The Animal Waste to Energy program is open to businesses, government agencies, and non-profits in Maryland who install animal to waste energy projects.  Area of Interest One (AOI I) will target pilot or on-farm scale projects with capacities of less than 2MW. Up to $4 million will be made available for AOI I with a 40 percent cost-share required by the applicant.  Area of Interest Two (AOI II) will target community or regional scale projects with capacities of greater than 2MW. Up to $2 million will be made available for AOI II with a 50 percent cost-share required by the applicant. The application deadline is December 15, 2018.

For details regarding the grant program requirements and restrictions, please see the FY19 AWE Grant Program Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) on our website For general information on MEA and all our offerings, visit


Maryland Energy Administration On behalf of Governor Hogan the mission of the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is to promote affordable, reliable and cleaner energy for the benefit of all Marylanders.  To achieve its mission, MEA advises the Governor, General Assembly on matters relating to energy policy.  MEA administers grant and loan programs to encourage clean energy technologies in all sectors of Maryland’s economy: Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, and Transportation. For more information about the Maryland Energy Administration, visit