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Community Wind Webinar Hosted by Maryland Energy Administration

WHEN:  Thursday, December 8, 2016, from 2 – 3 pm

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The Maryland Energy Administration’s (MEA) wind energy program focuses on three categories of deployments:  residential, community and commercial scale projects. Through its various Windswept Grant Programs, educational outreach, and Anemometer Loan Program, MEA provides support to Maryland residents, businesses, government entities and non-profits wishing to install wind energy systems.

Speakers Include:

Samuel Beirne, Maryland Energy Administration, Wind Energy Program Manager

David Murrin, Alpha Energy, LLC, Chairman and Community Wind Gamechanger Contract Manager

Rebecca Rush, Community Wind Gamechanger, Contract Outreach Coordinator

What you will learn:
Community wind basics including, size, location, best resources, and the guidance when planning your community wind project. In addition, you will learn about community wind economics, financing mechanisms, and grant programs provided by MEA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other sources.


Contact Samuel Beirne at or 410-537-4000