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MEA thought long and hard about its sponsorship of Artscape 2014. Ultimately, we decided that it would be an unparalleled opportunity to connect our mission– to promote clean, reliable, clean energy . . .–to hundreds of thousands of Marylanders whose needs could be met by our programs for residential, commercial, transportation et al. So, we packed up our tent and banner and traveled to Baltimore to talk to the people about statewide policies that support lower energy bills, fuel the creation of green collar jobs and address climate impacts in real time.

We played clean energy trivia, demonstrated the impact of weatherization with foam and facilitated opportunities for festival goers to see the power of renewables in everyday items at our electric vehicle charging and solar cell phone charging stations. We even developed a map game to help participants take notice of projects MEA has already contributed to in their own backyards. We worked with community partners and MEA grant recipients Retrofit Baltimore and the Fuel Fund of Maryland to directly connect grant funds to projects available to Baltimore communities. Hopefully, made a few new fans and friends.

MEA’s sponsorship of Artscape 2014 featured the MEA Energy Main Stage, and four activation stations highlighting EE & RE programs including:

  • Transportation & Solar Programs via the ‘EV/Solar Charging Station”
  • Weatherization, Building Codes, and Commercial and Industrial programs via the “Foam Your Home” mock insulation station.</li.
  • The Offshore Wind program via the “Pinwheel Park” and Information Area
  • Clean Energy Programs, MD. Smart Energy Communities, Energy Finance, and Low to Moderate income programs via the “MEA in Your Community Map Game” and Information Are

We are optimistic about the reach of this effort to create heightened awareness of MEA’s policies and programs throughout the state. And we had a great time. B’more knows how to Artscape!