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State Tree Nursery Now Accepting Orders

Opportunity for Large-scale Plantings on Private Lands The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is now accepting online orders for shrub and tree seedlings from the John S. Ayton State Forest Tree Nursery for the spring 2019 planting season. The nursery offers more than 50 species of shrubs and trees for large-scale plantings on private land to meet a wide variety  Read the Rest…

McKee-Beshers Sunflower Fields at Peak Bloom

Thirty Acres Planted for Wildlife Nourishment The sunflower fields at McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area in Poolesville are now in “peak bloom,” following the wet spring, and recent hot and sunny summer weather conditions. The Montgomery County area is just one of many sunflower fields the Maryland Department of Natural Resources plants each and every spring as a  Read the Rest…

Falling Out of Step and Running Out of Time? A closer look at the life of Maryland’s declining state insect

Signs of spring were late to arrive in Maryland this year. Still, as temperatures slowly rose and days lengthened throughout April, leaves grew on trees and plants sprouted into flower. Birds and spring peepers made their presence known through trilling song and chirping call, and insects began to take wing. Later this year, frosty mornings  Read the Rest…

Flower Flies

It’s a bee! No, it’s a fly! Have you ever seen a fly masquerading as a bee in the garden? If so, then you may have encountered a flower or syrphid fly. More than 130 species of flower flies are found in Maryland, and these animals serve both as important pollinators as well as predators  Read the Rest…

Deer Resistant Plants for Pollinators

In sections of Maryland, high concentrations of white-tailed deer have created a demand for “deer proof” plants. In reality, though, there is no such thing. Deer may nibble on anything once, especially when hungry, but they do dislike aromatics, prickly leaves and thorns. Unfortunately, many of the “deer proof” plants offered at stores include invasive  Read the Rest…

Maryland Tree Nursery Now Taking Orders for Shrub and Tree Seedlings

Pollinator-Friendly Species Highlighted This Year The John S. Ayton State Forest Tree Nursery, managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, is currently accepting shrub and tree seedling orders. The nursery offers more than 50 species of trees and shrubs to meet a wide variety of landscaping preferences and conservation needs. Popular this year are the many trees  Read the Rest…

Fueling Fall Pollinators

While many flowers are finished blooming by the fall, pollinators like bees, butterflies, moths, wasps and flower flies are still out foraging for food. This late group of pollinators also includes the monarch butterfly, which needs nectar to fuel its southward migration. Feed fall pollinators by providing late-blooming nectar resources.

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