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Maryland State Parks Invite Public to Support Our Pollinators

‘Project Butterfly & Bumblebee’ Includes Activities and Donation Opportunities 

Image of flower with bee and butterfly logoThis spring, the Maryland Park Service has launched Project Butterfly & Bumblebee, an ongoing slate of programs and activities to educate the general public about the role pollinators play in maintaining diverse ecosystems and the nation’s food supply.

Pollinators are any insect or animal that transfers pollen from one plant to another in order to facilitate the fertilization to form fruits or seeds. They include a number of species of bees, butterflies, beetles, moths, wasps, flies, ants, and even birds. Maryland State Parks are committed to the protection of these vital creatures.

Individuals can donate to support butterfly and bumblebee habitat and education in state parks. Projects supported by these donations include planting and restoring native gardens, field edges, and meadows that benefit a wide variety of species and connect park visitors to the beauty and wonder of nature.

Park visitors are invited to participate in ongoing educational programs and visit existing gardens, fields, and meadows at parks that support thriving pollinator populations. “Parks for Pollinators” is also the theme of the 15th annual Park Quest family activity series happening now throughout Maryland State Parks.