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September Honorees

Alan Howard is very responsive and has taken complete ownership of his building, HOD. There have been major projects in the building related to the fire alarm and fire suppression systems and has ensured that he is involved in all aspects as he learns the systems himself. Even when matters became complicated impacting the completion of one project, Alan made sure that safety and compliance to code came first. He has also offered to learn the intricacies of the fire control panels so that he is able to disable and re-enable when needed. This saves the former Health and Safety/Fire Safety Officer time and stress.

Sprios Papadimas is a relatively new Project Manager with two years of service to DGS. He is a Civil Engineer, and focuses on managing capital improvements for Maryland State Parks (DNR). Noted for his polite and non-assuming manner, along with a keen interest in hydrology (dam engineering) and other maritime work, he has provided a notable level of technical depth to our practice. Most recently he took on the task of selecting the AE for the inspection of six dams, which are located at various parts of the State. This is a new facet to our work, and it is anticipated that not only six dam repairs project will ensue after the inspections, but there will be another six dam inspections each year until the State of Maryland is comfortable that these facilities are safe and well maintained for future generations’ use. Essentially on his own, Spiros negotiated an initial offering on $1.1M in AE services, to about $600K with the preferred firm, without a significant reduction of services. In the best spirit of the task, he developed a consensus between using agency, DGS, and the service provider, to also ensure harmonious implementation of the work. While saving the State $400,000 is notable, the positive process associated with the task is more notable.