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August Honorees

Security Officer Pamela Wheeler has been with the Maryland Capitol Police for almost 23 years. Security Officer Wheeler works the midnight shift at the Baltimore Division, and reports to work on time every night and always likes to report to work at least 10-15 minutes earlier so she can be ready for her post.  Security Officer Wheeler relies on public transportation and due to the Covid-19 she uses Uber to come to work and she still arrived to work early or on-time. Security Officer Wheeler is someone who you can count on to accomplish assignment. For example, before the pandemic Security Officer Wheeler volunteer to work overtime at MTA office in 6 St.Paul building. Plus, accepting overtime and additional posts to cover unexpected vacancies to safeguard the Baltimore complex. Security Officer Wheeler continue to thrive on to assist the department and other members in the team. Especially, during the Covid-19 pandemic the Maryland Capitol Police provided additional safety measures to protect every persons in the State of Maryland Complex. Security Officer Wheeler did not hesitate and she immediately volunteered to work overtime with others sometime immediately after her regular duty from the midnight shift. She continued to assist and accomplished the mission by accepting additional assignment such as the Covid-19 questionnaires and additional posts to ensure the MCP staffs and the State of Maryland employees are safe when they entering into the facility

Matt Dennies has been a welcomed team member of the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) Unit. Matt has worked tirelessly to coordinate all the building equipment information into the eMaint used by General Services. Matt has been working with eMaint/Fluke to install equipment sensors on critical equipment in General Services’ managed facilities and working with Facilities Management contractors to integrate the building automation systems data into eMaint. These are steps that will assist Facilities Management to proactively monitor the building equipment that may have any issues from remote locations. Matt has been working with not only Facilities Management Divisions, but other General Services’ Divisions and State Agencies to coordinate equipment data to move forward with the management of equipment and building systems for a comprehensive approach to facilities management.

The Federal Surplus Property Team of Ed Nunez, Sean Stinnett and Rose Odametey have been nominated for DOING GREAT SERVICE in recognition of their efforts that went well beyond the call of duty to help with the COVID 19 Crisis and for their assistance to the Northwest community of Baltimore following the recent major gas explosion in that part of the city. During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, The Federal Surplus Property Donation program assisted MEMA and the Office of State Procurement in the logistics management of the over $646 million worth of PPE equipment that was procured by the state. They also coordinated with PPE suppliers to expedite shipments as well as warehouse space. The federal donation program also assisted in acquiring over $443,000 worth of food, bottled water and baby food formula during COVID-19 to assist needy families in the State who continue to experience hardship during this crisis. During this COVID-19 period, the Federal Surplus Property team also secured computers and laptops worth $476,801 from federal agencies and donated them to schools and organizations to distribute to children in Maryland who need this equipment for e-learning but do not have access to computers. The federal surplus program also acquired medical supplies and equipment worth $143,870.66 to donate to health organizations throughout Maryland. In Fiscal year 2020, July 2019 to June 2020, the Federal Surplus Property Team also acquired and donated vehicles, furniture and other equipment worth over $5 million to nonprofit organizations and municipalities throughout Maryland.