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June Honorees

Bill Bryan and Casey Doy have been with DGS for a very short time, but they have already made a lasting impact. Right after their arrival in March, the state was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Maryland Capitol Police called on FOM to assist security officers posted at the entrances to the buildings at State Center. They wanted some type of barrier to protect the officers as they screened employees and visitors to the buildings for symptoms of the Corona Virus.

Bill and Casey went to work. They finalized a design for the “sneeze guards,” ordered materials and started construction. They regularly traveled back and forth between buildings to check measurements; in some cases, they had to custom build the sneeze screens because of the size of the counter tops or to meet ADA requirements.

Not only have Bill and Casey installed their sneeze guards for our security teams throughout the Baltimore buildings, they have also installed them in other DGS offices, as well as the 201 building coffee shop and snack shop.

Their dedicated service and commitment to duty and all they have done to help prepare our buildings for the COVID-19 pandemic are why Bill Bryan and Casey Doy have been chosen for the FOM’s Caught DGSing.

Butch Vinson is the resident contract inspector for the Western Region of the Construction Division. He is a dedicated employee and is willing to assist when the need arises, as he demonstrated recently with the COVID19 Surge Team. In April, Butch was asked to join and help the Surge Team in assisting Steve Lauria with the completion of medical tent setups at the Maryland Correction Institute in Hagerstown.

Butch proved to be a valuable asset to the team by overseeing on a daily basis the work being performed and providing recommendations on how to reduce costs and reach the desired goal of providing a state surge site.

This is what FPDCE Assistant Secretary Lauren Buckler said about Butch’s and Steve’s work on May 19:

Hagerstown DPSCS Surge Site

Reached substantial completion today! Thank you, Butch Vinson & Steve Lauria, for bringing this intense project to conclusion. This was a project started by another government agency with a budget of $5M to create surge space for COVID DPSCS populations. As the budget doubled and timeline grew, DGS was asked to step in and take over the project.

Steve & Butch brought the budget and timeline down exponentially. They also kept the original construction contractor. Doing Great Service!

Butch is known as a hard worker; a team player and looks for ways to get the job done on time and within the budget. He is dedicated to making sure that all his assigned construction projects are of high quality that meets the needs of the using agency; at times, he is able to motivate contractors to exceed these expectations. Butch’s method of operation is that he does great service on a daily basis.

Captain Brian Waser

PFCs Barrett & Gray

Captain Brian Waser, Sgt. Ebonie Richardson, and PFCs Barrett and Gray of the Maryland Capitol Police (MCP) were on hand to assist with Governor Larry Hogan’s opening of the COVID19 Testing Fair at the Baltimore Convention Center on Wednesday June 17. Approximately 350 people were tested on the first day.

The new, outdoor walkup testing site is open every Wednesday and Friday until no longer needed. MCP will be on site during those times.

Jeff Newsome, Compliance and Reporting Lead in the Office of State Procurement (OSP), is extremely busy. He is responsible for organizing, reviewing, validating and completing many of the required reports OSP must submit to other agencies or legislative committees. In 2020, this will include at least 10 reports, many of which are quite lengthy and require coordination of information from other agencies.

As all of us know, this year has been unlike any other, with COVID-19 impacting many operations throughout the state and within DGS. OSP has shouldered many critical and essential tasks in response to the pandemic. Jeff not only has been completing his reporting responsibilities promptly but he also has provided much additional assistance to OSP.

Jeff’s excellent work, professional manner and positive attitude make him deserving of Caught DGSing recognition!