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May Honorees

Sean and Bladensburg Mayor Takisha James outside State Center.

Sean Stinnett, Program Administrator of the Federal Property Surplus Program, has been busy coordinating with FEMA deliveries to State Center in Baltimore of truckloads of Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) and bottled water, which are being delivered to families and communities hit hardest by the crisis. His activities are part of General Services’ initiative to work with its community partners to help ease the impact on families in need affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Non-profit organizations that have already taken delivery of the federal surplus goods include the Anne Arundel Food Bank, Fish of Laurel, the Town of Bladensburg in Prince George’s County, and ‘We Our Us,’ a Baltimore City agency within the mayor’s office. When completed, the shipments will total 36,000 bottles of water and 26,880 MREs. Sean has continued to work with our community partners to take possession of the food and water until all of it has been distributed.

Ken Grove, known by his friends and colleagues as “Junior,” has been with FOM Annapolis for 27 years. As the chief engineer for our Annapolis central plant, Junior keeps things running – literally. In addition to his thorough knowledge of the methods, practices and equipment used in the maintenance and operations of the HVAC equipment here on campus, his 27 years of experience working on the plant is an incalculable asset. His ability to analyze, compare and interpret facts using real world experience, combined with his knowledge of the computer system that controls our machinery, helps him anticipate, assess and diagnose HVAC system problems.

Junior and his staff are responsible for dozens of overlapping and intertwined heating and cooling systems operating in our buildings every hour of every day. His dedication and willingness to step up and get the job done is inspiring and greatly appreciated. Junior helps all of FOM Annapolis effectively operate our campus buildings.

FPDCE COVID19 Vendor Specification Team: Christina Bryz-Gornia, Chris Elnicki, Spyros Papadimas, Mark Peterson, Pat Elnicki

This team of FPDCE project managers rose to the challenge. FPDCE was challenged to stretch our specification expertise from building/construction materials to medical supplies to support the Hogan administration’s COVID19 response. The group includes architects and civil engineers – very smart individuals – who willingly began researching specifications for gloves, masks, sanitizer, ventilators, gowns and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Since the end of April, this group has spent a portion of every day reviewing vendors that have submitted information to the state, reaching out to gather information on the products these vendors are offering and comparing their products to CDC guidelines. They have been checking quantities and payment terms, then passing along viable proposals to the procurement team for purchase. And this group has continued to work their day jobs for DGS, keeping their projects moving. Additionally, they have been strengthened by Chris Elnicki’s wife, Pat, who has volunteered her time to work virtually with the group and make phone calls to vendors to sort through reams of information.

Thank you to this group! Thank you for being so smart, capable and willing. The State of Maryland is stronger for your work.

Captain Labs with Governor Larry Hogan.

Captain Rebecca Labs, Maryland Capitol Police Annapolis Division Commander, is responsible for the daily operations of the Annapolis Division. She started with MCP as a sergeant assigned to Annapolis 7 ½ years ago, after 23 years with the Maryland National Capital Park Police in Prince George’s County. Her adaptability and initiative have enabled her to move quickly through the ranks. These are some of the traits and characteristics that describe her leadership:

Competent, driven, capable, caring, passionate for people, fierceness for fairness, transparency, honesty, trustworthy, humble, and always positive and upbeat.

Captain Labs at a community event.

Captain Labs has enhanced the credibility of the Maryland Capitol Police, and she has played a central role in positive changed effected by the department. She has accomplished this by becoming an excellent leader and listening to the people who work for her. Captain Labs has earned great respect from subordinates and peers alike. She continues to do an outstanding job as a leader within MCP. Thank you for all your hard work!!


Office of Real Estate: Jane Roger, Kim Rennie, Barry Powell, Lew Shapiro, Anthony Faust & Kimberly White

 Jane Roger has provided support to the MEMA surge team in discussing license agreements for several sites under review including two sites where the owners agreed not to charge the state for potential use of the sites. In addition, Jane and Kim Rennie spent a recent weekend researching hotels on the Eastern Shore for possible needs related to the COVID19 poultry worker outbreak.

The LC&C team has had to respond to several agency inquiries regarding how to handle on-site access for mission-critical employees during the COVID19 emergency. Thanks to Tony Hinton, Barry Powell, Lew Shapiro and Anthony Faust for all of their efforts.

Kimberly White is commended for her efforts in negotiating a license agreement for the state’s Mass Casualty Plan, her assistance with the Baltimore Convention Center License Agreement and Letter of Intent, and her current role in securing two critical warehouses for the Maryland Department of Health.