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February Honoree

Lt. Matt Warehime has worked for the Maryland Capitol Police for over 14 years. He has worked patrol in both the Annapolis and Baltimore divisions and is now Assistant Commander of Support Services/ Commander of Technical Services. He is the agency’s chief firearms instructor, range master and armorer. He also manages procurement and purchasing for the agency on a daily basis.

As Commander of Technical Services, Lt. Warehime has been integral in the consolidation of the Annapolis and Baltimore dispatch centers. He has managed the procurement, upgrade and construction of the nearly-completed state of the art dispatch center in Annapolis. Never hesitant to get his hands dirty, Lt. Warehime can often be found helping run fiber cables and data lines to the new center to help meet deadlines and keep costs down.

His vision for the new, consolidated center will result in reduced staffing needs and overtime. When the project is completed, officers will be backed by the most up-to-date cameras and security measures available, allowing MCP to provide the safest environment possible for those we are sworn to protect.

Lt. Warehime is a self-starter and requires minimal supervision. He arrives at work each morning knowing what needs to be done and with a plan to get it accomplished. It is an honor to work alongside him every day!