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January 2020 Honoree

Jocelyn Mance has been with DGS for 43 years. She is the Office Manager in the Office of Real Estate and is a dedicated employee. She oversees the office’s supply account and makes sure that it stays within budget while ensuring that supplies needed by her colleagues to perform their work are there.

Jocelyn recently learned about an opportunity to acquire some new and slightly used filing cabinets that ORE desperately needed. (Some of the office’s cabinets dated back to the 1960s and most were in disrepair.) Thanks to Jocelyn and her quick action, the office has been brightened up with new cabinets that have fully-working drawers!

Finally, Jocelyn is known for mentoring others and sharing her knowledge. As a long-time member of the Office of Real Estate, she has helped train and provide guidance to numerous administrative staff, office secretaries and paralegals. The office is fortunate to have Jocelyn as a member of the team, as she’s always thinking of ways she can make the office a better workplace.