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October Honorees – George Mitchell & Cathy Marzola

George Mitchell has shouldered a tremendous weight in the implementation of the State’s new eProcurement system – eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA). As one of the most knowledgeable persons about the previous eProcurement system, he worked through challenge after challenge in the data migration strategy and implementation. He did much of the “grunt” work himself! George also played a critical role in developing eMMA’s organizational structure.

George offered tremendous support and provided valuable training for the eMMA Helpdesk personnel. He has even assisted with resolving Helpdesk tickets. George did all of this as he transitioned from his previous role as …. to a new one within the new Office of State Procurement, not letting anything fall through the cracks during this time. Through it all, he kept a smile on his face, reflecting his positive attitude and determination to do his best.

eMMA has been a team effort, and with George leading it, we are in the best place we can be. For these reasons, George was caught Caught DGSing!

There’s little about Cathy Marzola, eMMA Helpdesk Coordinator, and her dedication to customer service that hasn’t already been said countless times. All of those compliments deserve repeating. Cathy makes courteous customer service her mission in every interaction, every day she is in the office. Even on her days off, she still goes the extra mile if that’s what is needed to make a very satisfied customer. To maintain the continued exceptional customer service she is renowned for, Cathy took it upon herself to learn the eProcurment technology that powers the eMMA system so she could be conversant in its layout and functions. This is why Cathy has once again been Caught DGSing!