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October Honorees

Customer Service Center for the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Unit: Antoinette Williams, Pam Tisdale, Joan Leazer, Beneisha Dawson

These ladies assist FOM staff and tenants of DGS-managed buildings with placing work orders into FOM’s eMaint Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). They convert tenants’ requests into work orders or take calls and place those work orders directly into the system for them. The first line of communication with those who have maintenance issues in our buildings, they excel at providing courteous customer service every day. They communicate with the FOM maintenance staff to keep them updated on important issues that need to be handled quickly.

Not hesitating, they took on additional responsibilities by translating and inputting building systems data into eMaint. Data tasks include deciphering building drawings and extracting data from other sources in order to help get a clear and complete history of DGS-managed buildings and their systems. Antoinette, Pam, Joan and Beneisha have truly embraced the concept of teamwork for DGS.

Kelly Simms has been with the Office of Real Estate for four years. She is truly dedicated to her work.  Recently, Kelly volunteered to take on special projects. The Office undertook a file-reorganization project whereby all staff members were asked to donate time to go through the files and organize them. Not only did Kelly donate time; she also took charge and completed most of the work.

Real Estate had the opportunity to acquire some fairly new (but used) filing cabinets. Kelly volunteered to take charge of this project, including managing the delivery and arranging for the removal of the old cabinets. In addition, she volunteered to help with the summer intern, and she made sure the intern had ample work assignments to keep her busy.  Even though Kelly volunteers for office projects, she is still very busy with her regular job as a paralegal with the MALPF program.

The Office of Real Estate is fortunate to have Kelly as a member of the team.

Praful Vani, Chief Architect and a dedicated DGD employee, has 30 years with the Facilities Planning, Design, Construction & Energy division. He is retiring on November 1. Praful’s work has included every single project the state has designed since 1989. He has ensured that these projects meet the state’s standards and are designed to be compliant with state building codes.

Praful has overseen the design of everything from playgrounds in state parks to new courthouses. Some of the issues he caught on a recent design included the location of existing underground tanks, issues with sound-absorbing panels, references to incorrect code authorities, and missing lighting.

Praful’s expertise and commitment to DGS will be missed by his colleagues in Facilities Planning, Design, Construction & Energy.