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August Honorees – Members of MCP Annapolis Detachment

Lt. Dennis Donaldson, Sgt. David Lewis, Sgt. Larry Barnes & K-9 Champ, Ofc. Jerry Harris, Ofc. Yu-Wen Cheng, Ofc. Mark Ferguson, Ofc. Shenell Johnson, Ofc. Deneen Williams, Ofc. Jose Smith, S/O Jayme Dixon, PCO Tamera Blackston

Under the leadership of Lt. Donaldson, these Annapolis Detachment police and security officers were prepared and provided exemplary service prior to, during and after the Welcome Home Korean Veterans event on July 15. A week before the event, Lt. Donaldson received a request to display Korean War-era “dummy” weapons at the event. He immediately responded, explaining that the weapons would have to be swept by a K-9 before being taken into the building. Logistics were confirmed, and Sgt. Barnes and K-9 Champ swept the weapons ahead the event. Sgt. Barnes and K-9 Champ also swept the reception room.

The majority of veterans arrived in two buses, so traffic control was essential. The goal was to limit how far the veterans had to walk to enter the Miller Building. With Bladen St. blocked at Carroll St. due to ongoing construction, police officers were on hand to open the barrier so the buses could get through and drop the guests at the building’s entrance. They were also there to assist with departure.

Once inside the building, the security officers made sure that these honored guests were able to proceed to the reception room without delay, providing assistance where needed.

There were a lot of moving parts, and these officers kept them together, performing their duties with professionalism and great care for the veterans and their families. As one of the officers said, “It was a honor to serve them.”